Reinier Zonneveld and HI-LO
Reinier Zonneveld and HI-LO

Reinier Zonneveld & HI-LO team up for ‘Nirvana EP’ on Filth on Acid

Another pair of hot songs from Reinier Zonneveld and HI-LO are featured on Filth on Acid, continuing their excellent collaboration work. In time to ring in the new year, Filth On Acid has released “Samsara,” a track with a fat-bottomed bassline that is sure to heat up dance floors everywhere. Reinier and HI-LO are set to release “Nirvana” on January 6th following another gold mine of a studio session.

Nirvana EP on Filth on Acid

There have already been many winners from this pairing, including Saw of Olympus, Balearic Mornings, Existencia, and String Theory. Now once again they bring all their experiences to the studio after having had a huge 2022 as solo artists with plenty of big tunes and headline shows all over the world.

Two tracks, Samsara and Nirvana, invite you to let loose on the dance floor while daydreaming to the melody. Machine gun synthesizers in Samsara fire across the euphoric trance chords like lasers. The thundering drums will vibrate the walls, and the whole thing makes for an intense melody. Nirvana has a real sense of techno funk with intoxicating Middle Eastern vocal sounds over hard-edged drums and bright synth work.

This is a fantastic approach to welcoming 2023 at the height of technology.

Nirvana EP by Reinier Zonneveld and HI-LO is out now via Filth on Acid.

Reinier Zonneveld and HI-LO

One of the best-selling and most heavily-supported techno producers of the moment, Reinier Zonneveld is currently taking over the contemporary scene with his unique view on techno. His bright music is gaining him followers all around the world, and he is well-known for his intense live performances at prestigious festivals and clubs.

Only Oliver Heldens’ darkest and most intense music is released under the HI-LO persona. Oliver was given the coveted title of the #1 most supported dance artist platform wide as a result of his 2020 tracks “Zeus” & “Kronos” placing in the top 10 of the most supported Techno tracks on 1001tracklists in 2020.