Rezident Unveils Hypnotic New ‘Air’ EP

Rezident's 'Air' EP: A Mesmerizing Fusion of Progressive Electronic Sounds

Berlin-based producer Rezident is back with his mesmerizing EP, ‘Air,’ released on May 5th. This three-track masterpiece showcases Rezident’s exceptional talent for creating atmospheric soundscapes and pushing the boundaries of progressive electronic music. Each track on the EP immerses listeners in a unique sonic experience, blending throbbing synths, emotive textures, and melodic basslines to create a captivating musical journey.

A Trip Through Progressive Electronic Music, the New ‘Air’ EP from Rezident Is Out Now and It’s Hypnotic as All Get Out

Track 1: ‘Air’

The EP kicks off with the title track, ‘Air,’ a captivating composition that immediately grabs the listener’s attention. The combination of throbbing synths, ethereal lead vocals, and melodic bass flourishes sets the tone for the entire EP. ‘Air’ is a sublime introduction to Rezident’s sonic world, filled with rich layers of sound and an emotive ambiance that draws listeners deeper into the music.

Track 2: ‘Elevate’

Next up is ‘Elevate,’ a more brooding techno affair that showcases Rezident’s flair for atmospheric sound design. The track builds with a crescendo of deep synth tones, creating an intense and hypnotic experience. ‘Elevate’ perfectly balances the darker elements of techno with Rezident’s keen attention to detail, resulting in a track that lingers in the mind long after it ends.

Track 3: ‘Vortex’

Taking the EP to its climax, ‘Vortex‘ intensifies the energy even further. This track showcases Rezident’s ability to layer reverberating arpeggios and distortions over a polished house groove. ‘Vortex’ seamlessly blends different elements, creating a sense of anticipation and euphoria that will surely ignite dancefloors. It’s a testament to Rezident’s skill as a producer, as he effortlessly navigates between genres and creates a cohesive and captivating listening experience.

Rezident’s Musical Journey

Rezident, the project of the talented 24-year-old producer David Roif, hails from Karlsruhe, Germany. Inspired by the likes of Deadmau5 and influenced by progressive powerhouses like Bicep, Rezident represents a new generation of electronic music producers who excel in merging celebration and therapy in their creations.

From an early age, Rezident immersed himself in music production, experimenting with various software programs on his Windows PC. His passion for crafting melodies was sparked by a ringtone composed by his sister’s friend on her Nokia cellphone. Over the years, he honed his production techniques, focusing on layering, streamlining, and the art of knowing when to step away from a track. Today, Rezident’s evolving discography showcases his desire for a minimal and honest approach to production, contrasting with his earlier “commercial” sound.

Rezident’s Evolution

Air‘ is the latest addition to Rezident’s impressive discography, following the success of his previous releases, ‘Chapters‘ in 2020 and ‘On Fire‘ in the previous year, both on Anjunadeep. The EP demonstrates his growth as a producer, solidifying his position as an influential figure in the realm of progressive electronic music.


Rezident’s ‘Air’ EP is a testament to his exceptional talent and creative vision. Through the three captivating tracks, listeners embark on a sonic journey filled with throbbing synths, ethereal textures, and melodic basslines. Rezident’s ability to seamlessly blend different genres while maintaining a cohesive sound is truly remarkable. As his discography expands, it’s clear that Rezident is an artist to watch, continuously pushing the boundaries of electronic music and leaving a lasting impression on listeners worldwide.