Rinzen returns on Mau5trap with the dark and hypnotic ‘Exoplanet’ EP

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Based in Los Angeles and signed to mau5trap, Rinzen combines cinematic sound design with a forward-thinking house and techno production to create something that is downright awe-inspiring.

rinzen exoplanet

Beginning his career in a great way with an official remix for Giorgio Moroder’s “Good For Me” in early 2017, Rinzen has then signed for Deadmau5 imprint, releasing his debut EP “Forbidden City” in October.

Deadmau5 imprint Mau5trap welcomes back Rinzen for his ‘Exoplanet’ EP.

His latest release is the majestic and dark “Exoplanet” EP, which includes “Exoplanet”, “Search For Life” and “The Great Beyond”. All three tracks feature an extremely gloomy atmosphere, with synths which teleport you in the rainy Los Angeles of “Blade Runner”; listening to this EP means enjoying a brief voyage in an alternative reality.

“I’ve been fascinated by the concept of Earth-like planets beyond our solar system,” – Rinzen supplies – “What will it be like to visit them for the first time? What will we find? This EP is my attempt to answer those questions.”

Defined by himself a “journey through the cosmos” the EP is meant to transport listeners to an entirely different world.

You can buy and stream “Exoplanet” below:

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