Having debuted on Size Records last year with the force-four collaboration “Set Me Free“, Spanish upcoming duo Rux & Bedmar has made his return on Steve Angello’s respected imprint with the hypnotic and vibrant “Bloom“.

Part of the new wave of progressive house producers that are trying to refresh the genre with new sounds, concepts, and ideas, Adrien Rux and Bedmar already proved their skills not only with their first Size release, but also with two brilliant collaborations with Sebjak, “Dream On” and “Last Summer”, and with the self-released “Gravity“.

Fusing an uplifting trancey melody with their signature heavy brasses, the Spanish created an ascending atmosphere throughout the entire song, which is completed by a melancholic male vocal. Available now on all the streaming platforms via Size Records, “Bloom” is another proof of the great mastery of the young duo when it comes to shaping emotions.