Santé & Re.You enlist Ae:ther and others for ’Road To Nowhere Remix EP’

Santé & Re.You
Santé & Re.You

Following the critically acclaimed launch of their new label LSF21+ just a few weeks ago, German brothers Santé & Re.You have announced a three-part remix package of epic proportions to build on the success of their debut release Road To Nowhere. Santé & Re’s Road To Nowhere Remix EP is out now. You flex their A&R muscles for the first time on the burgeoning young imprint, as they enlist Ae:ther, Avidus and Musumeci to put their own unique spins on the debut release.

Ae:ther, an Italian-born Berlin-based producer, is christening the three-pronged package. With a slew of releases under his belt on labels like Afterlife and Crosstown Rebels, the in-form producer pulls out all the stops for the album’s first offering, delivering a deeply atmospheric, melodic edit of Road To Nowhere (ft. Biishop) that ebbs and flows with impressive flair over its mesmerizing seven-and-a-half minute duration.

Avidus, a well-known German production duo, is up next for remix duties. Marc Wolf and Fritz Wagner, from the Baltic coastal city of Kiel, have built an enviable reputation in the industry over the last few years, thanks to releases on Oddity Records, Afterlife, Frau Blau, Crosstown Rebels, and their own Empore imprint. Now they’ve arrived on LSF21+ with their exquisite remix of Road To Nowhere (ft. Biishop), combining vocoded toplines with rolling basslines and tonal ambiguity to create the EP’s most experimental remix.

Last but not least, LSF21+ is pleased to welcome renowned Sicilian artist Musumeci, who completes the package with his hypnotic Sanctus Remix of Faithful (ft. Oluhle). Musumeci’s work honors the raw emotional quality for which he has become known over the years, cultivating a sonic palette that envelops the listener from the start, toying with texture, timbre, and rhythm throughout the track.

Santé & Re.You – Road To Nowhere Remix EP is out now on LSF21+, with remixes from Avidus, Ae:ther, and Musumeci. Download here.