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Sebjak goes deep and dark with his latest record ‘Fellas’

Sebjak is back on his own label Bibliotheque Records with a new track. The record is called ‘Fellas’ and it also marks the 15th release on this burgeoning label. With ‘Fellas’ Sebjak is taking us into the more dark and industrial side of house music. ‘Fellas‘ is built on a heavy, driven bassline and dubby, dark atmosphere.

Sebjak is back on his own Record Label, Bibliotheque, with a brand new single called ‘Fellas.’

This kind of record is the one you wanna hear when you are getting out of energy as when the morning is coming and you need one last push before you will go out. ‘Fellas’ is a tough-edged, hard-hitter track which can give you this extra energy!

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