Sebjak released a stunning new record on his own label

Sebjak is entering into this year in a big style with another amazing record called ‘Moog‘ on his own label Bibliothèque Records. The first release on this label was in a form of 3 tracks ‘Hybris EP’ from Sebjak and his sweden fellow Kiano and then followed EP with two remixes on ‘Peace’ by Özgur Can and Marcus Schosso & Andero.

Moog is the third release on this imprint and is described as bridging the gap between US house, European techno and UK bass culture. With this record Sebjak proves once again that he embraced this new more dark and deep sound which is perfectly reflected in this track. Although we are only at the beginning of this year ‘Moog’ will be definitely one of the highlights of this year. We’re not far from the truth, when we call this record as one of the best Sebjak’s work to this date. Listen and buy here.