Shapov Axtone

Shapov is going to release an EP on Axtone

The news came a few hours ago and from one of the most popular blog in circulation. It seems that Axtone is going to release ‘Four Corners EP‘, a new EP from Shapov that will be probably out next February 2nd. The release date is not sure yet, but the four tracks that will compose it and the cover art, on the other hand, seem to be confirmed.
In the last period a lot of videos with the track “Some People” in playing in the background in the studio were posted on Shapov’s Instagram Storie so, is the time finally come?

Thanks Axtone crew

As you can see from the cover art, it seems that Breakfast Design brought back the classic Axtone design, or at least for this release.

We’ll keep you updated!

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