Shapov Axtone

Shapov reveals his upcoming track on Axtone

Shapov‘s Instagram stories say 4 hours ago. The photo posted on his Instagram stories is, without doubts, the cover of his new track.

Shapov’s new track will be out on Axtone Records and it’s called “The Way” in collaboration with Trouze.

It’s easy to understand that the graphic behind the cover is the one and only Breakfast Design.

From the preview, on his Instagram stories, we are almost certain that the track should be the one at 36:10 on his Tomorrowland set. During Tomorrowland, it was mashupped with “Future Rave” but the break is the same of the Instagram stories one.

We’ll let you updated and in the meantime, you can hear the break from Tomorrowland set.

Shapov Trouze The Way Axtone

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