Simon Alex AK9 Badlands Staar traxx

Welcome to Badlands

Badlands is the name of the brand new bomb by Simon Alex and AK9 out now on Staar Traxx.

Steve Angello was the first to play the track during Tomorrowland 2016. After that, it was played worldwide receiving support from the biggest artist as Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman, Tom Staar, Kryder, Dannic, Fedde Le Grand and more.

Simon Alex is probably the youngest talent in the EDM scene. Class ’99, last year, he won the “Children of the Wild” contest by Steve Angello.

AK9 is a producer from Poland. He has a long list of release including the well known Give Me A Sign on Discovery Sound.

Badlands’ description quotes

Deceptively simple to start, the beat builds gradually to a stomping medley of snares and almost a war cry vocal, which releases the driving beat to the break. The horn riff serves almost as revelry to the inevitable sonic explosion of the crescendo where, a full array of percussion and vocal stabs, join together to deliver a massive moment in any DJ set.

You can listen to it below