Corey James David Pietras Arlanda SIZE Records
Corey James David Pietras Arlanda SIZE Records
Corey James David Pietras Arlanda SIZE Records

SIZE Records goes vintage with its new concept art

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Steve Angello’s SIZE Records it’s always been a record label that has put art in front of everything. For Steve himself, as for most of the fans who follow the label, music is one of the pieces that make up the puzzle.

From the first releases, SIZE has always curated in every detail the visual part, first with 3D unique models, then with the painting technique of marble up to the most recent covers representing paint on water and colored smoke effects.

Now, it seems they have changed again the concept art of their covers with something we can define as retro prints. This change started with the first-ever solo single of Corey James which is called “Back In Time.” The cover represents the face of Corey in the child and current version in, what we have called before, “retro-style print.” After that SIZE has released another track of Corey, this time in collaboration with Teamworx called “Funky Music.” The cover represents a skull fused with a vinyl disc and now, we can reveal to you the last one.

SIZE Records goes vintage with its new “retro-style print” concept art.

Thanks to our friends of EDM People who have posted it this morning, we now know the next record of SIZE. It’s Corey James x David Pietras, “Arlanda.

Probably the name does not tell you anything but the cover suggests the origin of the name. In fact, “Arlanda” is the name of the Stockholm airport and on the cover of the track, we can see a beautiful “retro print” of a hostess.

We can’t wait for what’s coming next but we have to say we love this new style.

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