SoundCloud announces Instagram integration on Stories

Instagram Stories SoundcloudYesterday the biggest music platform on the industry, Soundcloud, has announced its integration with Instagram letting you share music from Soundcloud directly in your stories.

How many times did you want to share your favorite Soundcloud tune on Instagram but the only way to do it was make a screenshot of the track playing? Now it’s no more necessary; Soundcloud, thanks to its collaboration with Instagram, has introduced a share button that will send a fancy layout to your Instagram stories, directly linked with the tune on Soundcloud.

This new feature is not only a big addition for passionate music fans, but it’s also another upgrade to the tools millions of creators use to build their careers with SoundCloud. Every month, the SoundCloud creator community shares tens of millions of SoundCloud links and screenshots across social media platforms. With the new seamless integration with Instagram, creators can now promote their latest tracks and get fan feedback faster than ever.

“Being able to directly communicate with my fans through the new integration is so important to me. I have a special relationship with my supporters and SoundCloud is making that even stronger.” – Call Me Karizma

The news came out after another big revolution for the music streaming; the colossus of the music stream, during last week at the annual ADE has also announced its integration with all the major DJing music software, letting DJ use the music on the platform for their live-mix.

It seems that Soundcloud is turning on the turbo in the music streaming industry adding more and more useful tool for promoting and sharing your favorite music in the easiest way possible.

The sharing via Instagram stories was launched for the first time months ago but it was limited only to Spotify songs. With the introduction of Soundcloud and accordingly of a bigger database, music fans worldwide will be very happy to share their favorite tune without limitations.

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