Spotify launches new function/tool: Blend. How does it work?

Blend, Spotify's newest personalized experience, creates a playlist for you and your bestie.

Spotify Blend
Spotify Blend

How closely are you and your best friend on the same wavelength? From today the new Spotify Blend function is available, with which you can seriously test your compatibility in terms of musical tastes, by creating a personalized and shared playlist.

Initially released in beta, Blend is officially available to users around the world with new covers, “compatibility scores” and shareable data stories for each pair of listeners. In-depth:

  • Affinity scores: Each pair of users who create a Blend playlist will be given a compatibility score to indicate how similar or different their musical tastes are.
  • Stories to share: with Blend it will be possible to find out which song most represents a pair of users and share the stories, which will automatically appear once the playlist is created, through their social channels. The playlist is updated on a daily basis and changes over time as the rating change.
  • Users will be able to easily customize and identify each of their Blend playlists with the new cover art.
  • Which is it: yours or mine? Premium users will be able to check how much the preferences of each determine the presence of each song in the playlist, so they can claim their merits and boast about their musical tastes.

There were dozens of people across the company who worked really hard to bring Blend to life. I’m lucky to be a part of a team that’s similarly passionate about social listening and thinks music is something that can help bring people together. Part of my role in bringing Blend to life has been clearing a path for our talented engineering, design, and insights teams to bring ideas to the table, and then help narrow in on a simple product that’s fun to use and easy to understand. – Arjun Narayen, Product Manager

The following is how it works:

  • Create: On your smartphone, go to “Create for you” and select “Create a Blend.”
  • Invite a friend to join the playlist later.
  • Blend: If you accept the invitation, Spotify will create a playlist with your favorite songs and a personalized cover image.
  • Share: At the bottom of your data story screen, click “Share this story” to share the results of the Blend playlist on your social media channels.