Spotify Celebrates Track IDs Anniversary with high-class artists


Spotify is celebrating the anniversary of its hallmark track IDs playlist series launch. The series of playlists, which debuted in August, takes the guesswork out of finding new favorite dance and electronic music tracks that were mixed at live shows. Spotify’s editorial team and DJs collaborate on the track IDs franchise, which brings artists and fans closer together through a new discovery experience available only on Spotify.

To celebrate the anniversary, Spotify released exclusive new content on socials featuring Carl Cox, Amelie Lens, Gui Boratto, Deborah De Luca, and Shygirl. The video will feature DJs who used visual, vinyl record animations to bring track IDs to life, revealing each artist’s playlist stats, anniversary messages, and more.

To mark the occasion, Spotify has also revealed major data milestones for the playlist series on the platform, ranging from over 387 million minutes of playlists streamed to track IDs with over 1 million followers from 170+ countries around the world.

It’s a real pleasure to share my current favorite tracks on Spotify with you! Since I started the track ID’s playlist I’ve been able to find tunes that I know rock the dancefloor but also tunes that I just love, along with new stuff from my labels and even some of my own tracks! I love sharing music, it’s the basis of my whole career and I hope you enjoy what I have to share with you. – Carl Cox

Spotify Track IDs Data

  • A total of 59 artist playlists have been created under the track IDs umbrella to-date
  • All track IDs playlists have amassed over 1 million followers from 170+ countries around the world
  • Over 387 million minutes of playlists have been streamed to date
  • Over 12,000 tracks have been added across all playlists within the track IDs universe

This has been a beautiful way to share music with people in the absence of clubs, i’m so glad I have it as an outlet. – Ela Minus