Spotify Wrapped 2019: how to see your music highlights for this year

From 2010 to 2019, ten years on Spotify that you can now re-live thanks to Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped 2019 is here but, how to access it via Spotify? Here it is some tips on how to find your 2019 Spotify Wrapped.

If you want to know Spotify Wrapped 2020 you can find it here

How do you find your Spotify Wrapped?

Even if the Spotify Wrapped page should go live this Friday, users are already able to access it and see their 2019 music highlights. Access the page is very simple. If you’re on mobile, you just need to open the app and, on the home page, a big banner on the top will appear. Click on it and enjoy your year on Spotify. From the mobile application, you can also share your tabs on Instagram and Facebook stories.

If you’re on a desktop instead, you can follow this link and get access to the official page. From there, you only need to access with your account and have a look at your 2019 highlights on Spotify.

Spotify Wrapped 2019
Spotify Wrapped 2019 first page desktop

What’s Spotify Wrapped?

At the end of every year, Spotify collects and show to every user the statistics of his account. It includes minutes listened, most played artists, most played songs and a lot more.

For Wrapped 2019 Spotify has set up 15 slides:

Spotify Wrapped 2019 World Map
Spotify Wrapped 2019 World Map
  • the first four shows your favorite artists divided by the past seasons. You will find your favorite artists in Winter, Fall, Summer, and Autumn
  • the fifth slide is dedicated to your most listened artist of 2019, including the hours you played his/her/their songs
  • the sixth slide shows your 2019 top artists
  • the seventh slide shows the nationality of the artists you’ve listened to
  • the eight slide shows your most listened genres
  • the ninth slide shows your most listened tunes
  • the tenth slide shows the artists you’ve found this year and, in particular, the one you have listened the most
  • the twelfth slide shows the minutes listened on Spotify in the past five years
  • the thirteen slide shows the music that has defined your decade with, the best artist and tracks for every year
  • the fourteen slide shows your artist of the decade, the artist you streamed the most over the past years
  • the last slide is a summary of your decade on Spotify

For the first time ever, Spotify Wrapped is available also for Podcasters. They are now able to find information about their show’s growth and audience’s preferences; this includes also the top episodes, year over year gains in followers, top country for audience growth, and more. Podcasters can also share their cards on socials; it will include the total number of episodes produced, the total number of hours produced and podcasters’ top two countries.

As 2019 is almost at its end and, with it, a full decade, Spotify Wrapped has decided to introduce data from all the previous years, including your artists of the decade.

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