Spotify Wrapped 2022: how to see your music highlights

How do I access my 2022 Spotify Wrapped? What were your 2022 listening milestones? Spotify returns with Wrapped 2022

Spotify Wrapped 2022: how to see your music highlights
Spotify Wrapped 2022: how to see your music highlights

The annual Spotify Wrapped 2022 is back this year as well, having reached its fourth edition. How do I access my 2022 Spotify Wrapped is now an apparent question. Simple, just open your Spotify app on iOS or Android, and a pop-up will appear to display the information.

Why Spotify Wrapped?

2022 Wrapped is a commemoration of the previous year and a request for participation in the fun. It’s all about the reciprocal connections that connect millions of audio makers and listeners each day. Since no two listeners are the same, 2022 Wrapped invites you to discover your unique audio kaleidoscope and display it to the world. Discover the inner workings of everything #SpotifyWrapped, from our yearly best-of lists to the musical genres and personality types that shape your experience.

What listening milestones did you set for 2022? Did you develop a stronger bond with your favorite artists or discover new audio genres that broadened your listening preferences?

Spotify Wrapped is all about recognizing the countless ways that millions of audiophiles and creators interact with one another every day. With the widely awaited, personalized 2022 Wrapped experience, we are starting to remember the last year and encouraging our followers to share in the excitement.

We’ve all started thinking about next year’s Wrapped already—before this year’s Wrapped is even over. Officially, I would say I get involved in conversations in March or April. That’s when we start thinking about the brief and working with the creative strategists. This past year we managed to brief writers, art directors, and designers to have them start thinking about both the design and the platform and all of that fun stuff by the end of May. – Marie Rönn, Global Group Creative Director, Works Across Spotify To Bring Wrapped 2022 to Life

Spotify Wrapped 2022
Spotify Wrapped 2022

New stories on this year’s Wrapped

Fans can enter the experience to view their own top lists spanning genres, songs, and podcasts, as well as the number of minutes listened this year, in addition to our reveal of the top artists, songs, albums, and podcasts of 2022 that pleased our 456 million listeners worldwide. This year, we’re reintroducing now-classic data stories and blending in fresh features for an entirely new method to figure out what you should be listening to in 2022.

The two recent tales comprise:

  • Your Listening Personality: What you listened to matters less than what it tells about your musical preferences. We’re displaying 16 new Listening Personality types that Spotify developed for Wrapped 2022 this year. Based on how you listened to music all year, your Wrapped will display your Listening Personality. Want to see how each of these unique identities stacks up against the others? See more information about them here.
  • Audio Day: it is an interactive tale that shows you how your musical preferences changed over the course of the day. It highlights the specific moods and aesthetic characteristics of the music you listened to in the morning, midday, and evening.
Spotify Wrapped 2022 new stories
Spotify Wrapped 2022 new stories

How to access my Spotify Wrapped 2023?

  1. Open the Spotify app on your smartphone or mobile device (iOS or Android)
  2. On the home screen, tap the Your 2022 Wrapped banner to access your Wrapped playlist. If you don’t see the same thing, type “Wrapped” into the search bar and the banner should appear. Warning: If you search for ‘Wrapped 2022’ in the search bar, you may see a lot of random playlists appear.
  3. Select the banner. Then you’ll be taken to Spotify Wrapped “Story.” You’ll be able to see your personalized statistics here.
  4. If you want to share the information on social media, you can do so by clicking the “Share this story” button.

The Wrapped experience this year is chock-full of fan favorites and intriguing new ones that highlight the numerous facets of listening that distinguish each and every listener. Since no two listeners are alike, 2022 Wrapped invites users to explore the colorful kaleidoscope of their listening and flaunt it to the world, from the curiously personal to the unapologetically predictable. With their unique experiences, eligible iOS and Android users who have the most recent version of the Spotify mobile app can enjoy this ideal union of play and self-expression.

Spotify Wrapped 2022 for artists

This is the biggest musical moment of 2022. Wrapped for Artists returns today for its sixth year, and it promises to be the biggest one yet. 2022 Wrapped is all about celebrating your incredible year with your fans while also providing you with an in-depth snapshot of your development. It has been upgraded with a slew of new insights and new ways to connect with your fans.

How to access Spotify Wrapped 2022 for artists

To get access to Spotify Wrapped 2022 for artists, simply sign into your Spotify for Artists account on a computer or mobile device and click the “Your 2022 Artist Wrapped” card to get wrapped. Contact your distributor or click here to create a Spotify for Artists account if you don’t already have one. Once you claim your account, your Artist Wrapped will be made available. There will be an Artist Wrapped experience ready for you if your music on Spotify has at least three listeners.

How to share your Spotify Wrapped 2022

This year, we’re introducing the opportunity to share Wrapped cards on WhatsApp and Line because we know how much Spotify users like sharing their cards.

Along with exclusive Wrapped-themed GIFs accessible anywhere GIPHY is integrated, fans can also earn a customized Snapchat lens that represents their Listening Personality and take advantage of special Wrapped-themed Bitmoji gear.

How to share your Spotify Wrapped 2022
How to share your Spotify Wrapped 2022