Leandro Da Silva Stagerockers La Corrida Staar traxx

Staar Traxx released ‘La Corrida’ by Leandro Da Silva and Stage Rockers

Continuing with their musical summer welcoming party, Staar Traxx welcomes Leandro Da Silva and Stage Rockers to its roster with the energetic and dance floor galvanizing ‘La Corrida’.

Latin guitar strumming and Mariachi horns blazing, the breakdown, creates almost a visual of a cowboy in the Wild West riding off into the sunset, dropping into a pumping beat with horn-like stabs maintaining the energy level throughout.

Another clear indication of things to come from the UK label, which has been evolving consistently to putting out feel-good house music but never losing the big room-filling sound that put them so emphatically on the map.

Summer is coming, and Staar Traxx leads the celebration.

Listen below and buy here.