Steve Angello and Alexander Wessely talk about nature for Nuda

Both Steve and Alexander talks about their vision, the pandemic and their relationship with nature and how it unfolds on their art

Steve Angello and Alexander Wessely for Nuda
Steve Angello and Alexander Wessely for Nuda

Steve Angello and Alexander Wessely have been featured in Nuda, Stockholm based culture publication, talking about nature and their vision.

What’s Nuda? Nuda produces two hardcover publications a year, each exploring a theme through visual culture and science. The books intend to be thought provocative as well as aesthetically stimulating – a mix of ideas and expressions.

Today Nude announced a new issue; it is titled Terra, an exploration of our common space, nature, and Earth. Terra. focuses on the materiality of soil, our relationship with nature, and where humans intertwine with the wild. It includes interviews with Olafur Eliasson, Noomi Rapace, Steve Angello, Carole Baskin, Ecco2K, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Takuro Kuwata + many more.

The news has been released directly by Alexader Wessely himself on Instagram, posting also some sneak peek of the feature.

This interview for Nuda marks the first actual information from a Swedish House Mafia’s member since the last reunion tour. Steve Angello starts talking about the isolation that means destruction to him. He continues by describing how he needed to break himself in order to build himself again.

When I made my last studio album, I went into a phase of complete destruction for 6 or 7 months and what I found coming out of that changed my life. – Steve Angello

He continues talking about the pandemic, explaining that this time people are forced to isolate themselves, making it more difficult. Alexander then agrees with Steve explaining that it was more or less the same for him.

The two, with the Nuda reporter, go into nature shooting pictures and explaining their vision. Steve explains how he has mixed feelings about the internet and the ever-connected world. He says he’s still “old-school” and loves physical interactions.

You can find the full interview in the picture below, posted by Alexander Wessely on his Instagram story.


Steve Angello and Alexander Wessely interview for Nuda
Steve Angello and Alexander Wessely interview for Nuda

Alexander Wessely is the art director behind the Swedish House Mafia reunion tour. The whole graphics, art, and concept has been designed and brought to life by him and his team. You can find out more here.