Steve Angello reveals new plans for SIZE Records

Steve Angello SIZE Records
Steve Angello SIZE Records Photo by Hannes Söderlund

The electronic music luminary Steve Angello teases new plans for a renewal of his own imprint SIZE Records.

Everyone knows how Steve and SIZE itself are very careful about the graphics content and how these last are an important part of the process of the release of a song. SIZE has always stood out from others record labels thanks to his music but also thanks to the visual effects that accompany every single release. From the marble paints (Rebels Studio) to the fractals, SIZE cover arts have always been real works of art but now, it’s time to change.

Steve Angello reveals new plans for SIZE Records as releases and graphic assets.

Recently Steve is back to being very active on his Instagram, delivering wonderful messages, and pieces of his daily life, answering fans’ questions, and teasing what’s coming next. One of his latest Instagram stories talked about the future of SIZE; he stated that he’s tired of the old methods of releasing music, the unwritten rules about the publishing of a song, the square cover art, and so on.

I’m gonna change the way we put out music on SIZE, I’m tired of the old ways. the Square art. The rules and playbooks of the music industry. I’m tired of the release dates and the ques you have to stand in to put it out. It has to change! We don’t make music to sell products. We make music cause it’s our only survival, our air and expression. So don’t put that in a box of rules and have artists stand in line to get their ticket to a meal.

We make the rules. We make the music and it’s our terms.

We have seen a change in SIZE thanks to the latest release ‘Lugovskiy | N.001’, a real change of direction both for the musical genre and for the cover art.

We are super excited and we can’t wait to see what’s coming next on SIZE Records. We’ll keep you updated.