Steve Angello Rejoice VITALIC remix

Steve Angello returns with VITALIC remix of ‘Rejoice’

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SIZE Boss and 1/3 of Swedish House Mafia is back, this time with VITALIC remix of ‘Rejoice’. This is the third release with Steve’s name this year.

Steve Angello is one of those artists that produce and release what he feels to be good, without trying to surf trends. The same goes for his imprint, SIZE, that, more than once, has imposed its trends instead of following once. Steve Angello HUMAN album, came out this year, is the perfect example of outstanding music without following the mainstream trends. He also dropped a massive collaboration with groove master Kryder, which is completely far away from his album, but still fresh.

Today, 14th of December, Angello welcomes VITALIC on SIZE with his remix of ‘Rejoice’. Completely forget the original version, if not for the vocal; VITALIC remix is a hard techno-revision of one of the most famous releases of HUMAN album. Hard-hitting kicks driven by a big and powerful bassline are the main elements of the remix. The energy increase with a rolling percussion rhythm and the iconic vocal of T.D. Jakes.

The VITALIC Remix is a true club banger. Perfect in the more underground night and clubs, it can be dropped to change direction during a live performance.

If you follow Steve Angello, you should know who VITALIC is. For the ones without a clue, he’s a French DJ and producer. Last year he released his new album ‘Voyager’ which receives incredible support worldwide. The album has achieved millions of streams online and ‘Eternity’, one of the album’s record, has been featured last year on Steve Angello BBC Radio 1 Midnight Drive mix as the opening tune.

This collaboration between two master producers so far away but at the same time so similar is a breath of fresh air for our ears. We’re saying several times lately but, the last months we’ve seen an increase of super good tunes, out from the usual routine. It’s an incredible thing that the leading artists, as both Steve Angello and VITALIC are, collaborate to pushing the standards higher and higher.

Steve Angello ‘Rejoice’ in the VITALIC Remix is currently out now on SIZE. Check below for the full stream and let us know your thought.