Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso bring back Buy Now alias

The two heavyweights producer released a 2-track EP Church / Speak Up mixing together acid house and experimental beats

Steve Angello Sebastian Ingrosso Buy Now EP Church / Speak Up
Steve Angello Sebastian Ingrosso Buy Now EP Church / Speak Up

Two out of three Swedish House Mafia members, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso, brought back their long-running alias, Buy Now, for an experimental two-track EP Church / Speak UpBoth tunes includes PARISI vocals.

For those who are unaware, Buy Now was born back in 2005 under one of Ingrosso and Angello’s many guises, years before the Swedish House Mafia era. For Sale has been one of their hit, mixing together electronic synth lines and nonstop beats.

With the return of the Swedish House Mafia and the desire and need to explore new sounds and musical spaces, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso just some weeks ago brought back the Buy Now project. They team up with fellow friend Salvatore Ganacci on the tune Let You Do This part of his new album Culturally Appropriate.

We haven’t released ‘Buy Now’ music since 2008 so 2022 felt like a good start to fuck around in the studio and put out music! First, we did the collaboration with Salvatore Ganacci and today we let you take part of a long night at Church studios in London with our brothers PARISI, listen and enjoy! – Steve Angello

Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso in the studio as Buy Now
Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso in the studio as Buy Now

Now, the two Swedish musical genius are back with an incredible EP that mixes different electronic music genres into two outstanding productions.

Kicking off with Church, the tune starts with a slow tempo beat with a hypnotic vocal loop on top. Mysterious and kind of dark lines start to flow together with the acid-driven main theme. A track for the deeper and darker club, Church is not your average acid house tune. The repetitive and hypnotic loops and samples mixed together with squelchy sounds complete the tune.

On the other side of the musical spectrum, Speak Up starts slowly with long and cinematic harmonies. The melancholy main theme drives the tune introducing the listeners to dark and obscure lines. The down-tempo beat and the retro-house vibes of the drums create a feeling of perdition. The vibes of Speak Up seem to come directly from Steve Angello’s HUMAN album but with a more experimental touch on it.

Buy Now, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso’s project, is back with the 2-track Church / Speak Up out now worldwide.