STMPD RCRDS Tomorrowland Music P.R.O.G. EP
STMPD RCRDS Tomorrowland Music P.R.O.G. EP
STMPD RCRDS Tomorrowland Music P.R.O.G. EP

STMPD RCRDS and Tomorrowland Music join forces on ‘P.R.O.G. EP’

Two of the most prestigious record labels in dance music, STMPD RCRDS, and Tomorrowland Music, are teaming up once more for a magnificent joint EP that will be released through both imprints! The EP features brand-new compositions by some of STMPD RCRDS’s top musicians, and it debuts with DubVision‘s ‘P.R.O.G.2‘ today. In the months leading up to Tomorrowland, new music from the label’s head Martin Garrix, Matisse & Sadko, Julian Jordan, Sentinel, Fancy Inc, and Goodboys will be released.

STMPD RCRDS and Tomorrowland Music team up on an exciting collaborative P.R.O.G. EP

The relationship between STMPD RCRDS and Tomorrowland Music, which was so popular last year, will continue this year with a follow-up EP from both imprints. They will co-host the STMPD RCRDS x Tomorrowland Music stage at Tomorrowland Belgium on Saturday, July 22, capping out the festival in a larger and better way than before.

P.R.O.G.2‘, the Dutch duo’s follow-up to ‘P.R.O.G.’ from the previous year, opens the EP with DubVision’s distinctive progressive sound. The Dutch brothers Victor and Stephan’s latest single, “P.R.O.G.2,” is a lyrical and atmospheric gem that is likely to get people dancing everywhere it is played in the months to come.

After the first release with Tomorrowland Music we just knew we had to do a follow up for the next festival season. We are delighted to announce ‘P.R.O.G.2’ for this year and bring back the energy to all the mainstages around the world. We chose to not add a vocal to this track because we feel like the instrumental is so strong, and we would love to hear what original mashup’s people make with this track once again. – Dunvision

The labels: STMPD RCRDS and Tomorrowland Music

STMPD RCRDS stands out as one of the most inventive and frontier-pushing labels in the constantly changing world of electronic dance music. Martin Garrix and his management founded the label in 2016, and since then, it has become a true household name in the dance music industry, releasing tracks from some of the most outstanding musicians. A small, nimble team developed the roots of STMPD RCRDS as it is now with a clear goal of putting artists first, emphasizing quality over quantity, and being innovative and open-minded.

With the addition of its own record label, Tomorrowland Music, the family has grown. A specialized music division inside Tomorrowland, Tomorrowland Music works directly with labels and artists to support them in all of their recording and release activities.

Virgin Records and Virgin Distribution are partners with Tomorrowland Music. Virgin has long been a pioneer in independent record labels and music distribution as a member of the Universal Music Group. Tomorrowland Music is excited to partner with Virgin and is looking forward to growing the label as a team.