Stranger Souma
Stranger Souma

Stranger Souma returns with melodic techno single ‘Over You’

Over You marks Stranger Souma’s second single in 2021 as well as the third release on PinkStar Black, a Sirup Music imprint.

You may remember Stranger Souma by her rework of  Everything I Wanted back in 2020; we also featured her last December for the remix of Saiful Idris Memories and now she’s back with a new melodic, deep, and techno single, Over You.

Kicking off with a dreamy and hypnotic arpeggio, the track rapidly starts to hit hard thanks to a wide beat. The dark and soothing baseline got mixed in the incredible ryhtyhm; Over You is like an emotional rollercoaster with intense segments interspersed by touching and intimate portions creating a unique feeling on the listener. Close your eyes and fly with the progressive sound of heaven.

About the artist Stranger Souma

Stranger Souma, a native of Casablanca, Morocco, began her musical journey by learning to play multiple instruments. She quickly evolved into the respected DJ and producer that she is today, crafting a signature sound that is deep, minimal, but decidedly soulful and spiritual, a tribute to the old soul of North Africa, enthralled by the advent and possibilities of technology in music. Paul Kalkbrenner, Jeff Mills, Nicolas Jaar, Miss Kittin, and others are among her many influences. She is not only a DJ and producer, but she is also the co-founder of Volubilian Records, a Moroccan record label through which she actively promotes the region’s unique musical heritage.