Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano debut album ‘Fundamentals’

Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano debut album ‘Fundamentals’ cover

Famous Dutch producers Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano now reveal their creative journey in their much-awaited debut artist album, “Fundamentals,” on their own SONO brand, after successfully establishing themselves over the years in the global dance scene. This album’s release not only represents a turning point in the producers’ careers but also the start of a brand-new era.

Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano have expertly crafted their first album to demonstrate the development of their musical identity as they look back on more than ten years of mutual devotion. The song “Fundamentals” tells a personal tale that weaves together their accomplishments in the past and the recently stretched musical boundaries of their well-known style. It captures the core of their creativity and translates their sincerity and spirit into a thirteen-track album that is just as exciting.

The release of Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano’s debut full-length album comes at an appropriate point in the duo’s careers, perfectly capping years of experience and reflection. They were cast in a mini-series on the History of House in the Netherlands, which premiered at the Amsterdam Dance Event, thanks to their command of the Dutch and international house scenes. Recently, the team has started to show off a more developed side of themselves as respected producers and more experienced artists. And with ‘Fundamentals’, they have delivered a thrilling rollercoaster ride of a sonic experience perfectly fit for airwaves and dancefloors alike, cementing their successful title.

Fundamentals, Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano’s debut album is the story of their musical journey over two decades

Each track on the album personifies the duo’s distinctive electric grooves in a different way, showcasing a variety of mesmerizing vocal performances, session musicians, and songwriting. From “Coffeeshop,” starring Kes Kross and intriguing jungle beats, to the afro-inspired “Closure” with Bruno Martini & Mayra, to a hot club single with Leon Benesty, “Love, Dance And Feel,” these appealing feel-good songs are sure to keep the summer heat throughout the seasons. Fans don’t want to miss what’s in between because the first and last songs on the album, “Run” and “Summer Thing” with Dragonette, Cat Dealers, and Bruno Martini, have already been saturating international stations with their joyful sensations.

The essence of “Fundamentals” captures the motivations behind Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano’s early entry into the house scene, and its addictive melodies expertly explain them.

Having solidified their reputation with outstanding performances at Tomorrowland, Sensation, Airbeat One, Creamfields, and Mysteryland this summer, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano are the archetypal mainstays of the dance music scene. With almost two decades of experience fostering their enthusiasm and industry knowledge, they are now rewriting their agendas and placing more emphasis on releasing their own studio output, finding success as producers around the world.

With songs like “Savages” (20+ million streams), “Run,” “Life After You,” and “Summer Thing” (with Dragonette, Cat Dealers, and Bruno Martini), the duo is enhancing their sound while attempting to appeal to a wider audience. They routinely tour the globe with their Sexy By Nature idea, which reaches millions of followers every week through its offshoot radio show, and continually work on developing their distinctive sound. The Amsterdam-based pair are as in sync as ever, setting a strong foundation for their future in house with a resume filled with headlining spots at the biggest festivals in the world and lauded studio projects.