Sven Väth releases first-ever NFT on music-focused platform Atlanticus

Sven Väth NFT Altanticus
Sven Väth NFT Altanticus

Sven Väth is dropping an NFT on music-focused Atlanticus, a first-ever for both the German DJ and the French platform.

Announcing a sparkling connection with Cocoon and the world-class DJ Sven Väth for our first drop ever. Atlanticus is a music-focused NFT platform that provides creators and fans with unique experiences.

We are motivated by the belief that music will once again become exclusive,” says the platform. Atlanticus uses blockchain and NFT technology to allow any artist anywhere in the world to instantly share their music. It allows artists to speak directly to their audiences, as well as music fans to own rare, one-of-a-kind, and exclusive works that are numbered and digitally signed on the blockchain. Artists on Atlanticus share much more than music: from digital autographs to exclusive items of merchandising or lifetime backstage access, artists are reshaping the relationships with their fans.

Cocoon, meanwhile, is 25 years old and planning for the future, as Sven Väth enters the 41st year of an incredible career with his vinyl.We are ecstatic to welcome him as our first special guest on Atlanticus,” concludes the platform.

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Atlanticus was created and developed by and for music fans with the goal of enjoying and sharing exclusive music between artists and communities. It reintroduces the exclusivity of music by offering rare and limited editions of music pieces.

Altanticus will set aside a portion of all proceeds to be donated to its “Atlanticare” initiative, a foundation that provides recording equipment and a way to profit from the digital income generated by their creations to musicians in regions around the world who lack access to similar initiatives due to economic or political factors.

Live on November 11 with Sven Väth, only at