Swedish House Mafia Ushuaia Closing 2011
Swedish House Mafia @ Ushuaia Closing - 31st August 2011

Swedish House Mafia 2009-2011 photo gallery

Follow again the history of the legendary Swedish House Mafia trio with this 1200+ photos gallery including Masquerade Motel, Ushuaia Residency, EDC, Creamfields and more.

Probably the most famous dance music group, the Swedish House Mafia have built their mythological figure over the years. From the announcement of the split up in 2012 to the legendary One Last Tour until the reunion show last year at Ultra Miami, the Swedish House Mafia have set the rules in the dance industry for almost a decade.

Because relatively close to us, the clearest memories of the trio are the ones of the One Last Tour but, before the big popularity explosion, the trio has done much more. The good thing now is that, if you upload something on the internet, unless you don’t take it down personally, 99% of the time it will remain there forever. This is why, surfing the web we came across the old Swedish House Mafia blog, as well as the complete photo gallery that covers the years between 2009 and 2011.

From 2009 edition to The Dark Forest to Swedish House Mafia Ushuaia Residency in 2011, the photo gallery retraces 3 years of the trio around the world. Not only Swedish House Mafia; the photo gallery features WMC 2010 with the SIZE Records Pool Party as well as portraits of the single members of the trio behind the decks.

How cannot remember the legendary Masquerade Motel 2010 or the SHM Arena at Creamfields 2011 (Swedish House Mafia will return to Creamfields this year)? Above you can find the best pics took from the photo gallery and above some of the best Swedish House Mafia’ galleries on Flickr. For the complete photostream follow this link.

Swedish House Mafia 2009-2011 photo gallery

Swedish House Mafia Arena @ Creamfields - 28th August 2011
Electric Daisy Carnival 2011

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