Swedish House Mafia and Agents Of Time remix The Weeknd

The Weeknd new album ‘Dawn FM’ receives Alternate World version including official Swedish House Mafia remix of ‘Sacrifice’ and Agents of Time remix of ‘Take My Breath’

Agents Of Time The Weeknd Swedish House Mafia
Agents Of Time The Weeknd Swedish House Mafia

After the official remix of Dawn FM, The Weeknd’s new album, which includes production by the Swedish House Mafia themselves, the legendary singer-songwriter has dropped another instant hit. It’s called Alternate World and it could be considered as the Deluxe Edition of Dawn FM. Besides all the original songs it also contains the official remix from the Swedish House Mafia of SacrificeOn top of that, Agents Of Time‘s official version of Take My Breath is also included as well as The Weeknd and SHM collaboration, Moth To A Flame.

Agents Of Time officially remix The Weeknd Take My Breath

If you’re into melodic techno and Afterlifish stuff, you definitely know Agents Of Time. From their debut in 2014 with Lost Dreams to their most recent EP Prince of the Starts the duo has achieved international recognition. Their Dream Vision record on Afterlife has amassed over 1.7 M streams on Spotify alone. They recently played in south America, including at the famous Tulum festival where the track firstly appeared. Agents Of Time’s remix of The Weekdn Take My Breath has also been played by Afterlife’s heads, Tale Of Us during the sunrise set in Tulum.

The remix keeps the original vocal intact introducing the legendary Agents Of Time’s dreamy signature sound. The melodic, trance, and techno vibes all merge together for an out-of-this-world experience. The duo has turned an electronic-pop-radio-friendly single into a melodic-techno crossover. An instrumental version of the remix would be an instant dancefloor killer.

Swedish House Mafia official edit of The Weeknd’s Sacrifice

After having teamed up with The Weeknd on Month To A Flame, the Swedish trio helped him to write Sacrifice and Take My Breath. The original tune featured classical house vibes, straight our from the “groove golden era.” Now, the trio put their hands on the original tune, adding a special and personal touch. Swedish House Mafia have injected even more ’80s sounds and, if you listen carefully, you may hear Daft Punk’s Da Funk vibes here and there.