Swedish House Mafia share Coachella 2022 full set

Swedish House Mafia Coachella 2022
Swedish House Mafia Coachella 2022

It’s been more than two months since Swedish House Mafia‘s performance at the Coachella festival 2022. The Swedish trio headlined and closed the festival on Sunday on both weekends together with The Weeknd. Both sets have been live stream via the Coachella YouTube stream but, the official full video recording has never been released. Finally, the 1-hour long performance is now available to watch and listen to on Youtube but, there’s a twist. Even if the montage and the footages look incredible, way better than the live stream, the audio is barely acceptable, to say the least.

If you’re looking for some new music and IDs, you’ll be disappointed as the 1-hour long set includes everything Swedish House Mafia have already released, perfectly packed into an excellent show. From the long-time hits like Don’t You Worry Child to the new track of their new album Paradise Again, the set covers the past and the present.

The incredible visuals and overall show designed and directed by the one and only Alexander Wessely created an insane atmosphere at Coachella you can relive through the YouTube video of the show.

Unfortunately, there’s one thing off that makes you wonder why they’ve decided to upload the video like that and, that’s the audio. The audio track is very low quality and it almost seems there are two audio tracks playing at the same time, probably one from the stream and one from the live recorded audio. The problem wasn’t present on the Coachella live stream where the video and audio were all smooth. We don’t know if it has been a choice, as the one camera angle live from Ultra Music Festival Miami 2018 reunion, or it’s a simple mistake on the montage.

Anyway, the full set is available below.

Swedish House Mafia - Coachella 2022 Headline Set (FULL)