ASCAP lists a new Swedish House Mafia song w/ Universal Music

Named ‘Not Yesterday’ the tune includes Vargas & Lagola, Magnus Lidehäll, 070 Shake, among others, as writers

At the same time, Universal Music Group listed Swedish House Mafia back on its website, a new song with the trio involved called Not Yesterday has appeared on ASCAP.

Some months ago we have talked about the Swedish trio, composed by Axwell, Steve Angello, and Sebastian Ingrosso, working with the reunion tour team on something now. Over the past years, single members of the trio have also worked in the studio with globally recognized artists; examples are Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso working on Lady Gaga’s album as well as Steve Angello’s been spotted in the studio with Empire of the Sun.

Now, a new piece of what we can call “the Swedish House Mafia puzzle” has been unveiled. On the famous licensing portal, ASCAP, a new record named Not Yesterday has been listed with the three members of the Swedish House Mafia as producers. This is relative news as already in the past new Swedish House Mafia music has been listed on ASCAP. In September 2019, It Gets Better has been listed.

Talking about this new song Not Yesterdaybesides the Swedish trio, well-known Swedish House Mafia collaborators are included as writers. You can find Vargas & Lagola (Vincent Pontare and Salem Al Fakir) known for having collaborated on the production process of Save The World, as well as Axwell /\ Ingrosso More Than You Know EP.

Not Yesterday page on ASCAP website
Not Yesterday page on ASCAP website

Another name that appears in the writers’ section is Magnus Lidehäll. He worked in the past together with Sebastian Ingrosso on FLAGS! and Dark River and he’s listed in the credits of It Gets Better as well.

An interesting name is Danielle Balbuena aka 070 Shake. She is an American hip-hop recording artist part of the musical collective 070. This may suggest that the track has a hip-hop vocal part, definitely not unusual for Swedish House Mafia as we have already seen the trio collaborate with artists from the lights of A$AP Rocky.

This new track has been listed as a Universal Music Group to be published record and, in fact, the Swedish House Mafia page on the UMG website has been put online again.