Have a first look at the Swedish House Mafia stage at Tele2 Arena Stockholm

Built with a minimalistic point of view, Swedish House Mafia stage at Tele2 Arena will be really massive.

It is time, at least in a couple of days. On Thursday the Swedish House Mafia reunion tour debut will be live in Stockholm at Tele2 Arena.

Luckily, thanks to a Reddit user, we have some sneak peeks of how the stage will look like. Photos are in black and white but we can feel the majesty of it.

Two big rectangular led walls on the side and a really really big circle filled with led strips in the middle, really similar to the once seen in Miami last year. On the ground, two more circles are visible; this may suggest some sort of hanging structure showing the three dot logo. If you look closer to the first photo, you may see that another circle, like the one on the front, is leaning on what it seems to be the DJ booth. The structure behind it suggests that it’s not its final position but, instead, it still needs to put on the final position.

The stage looks way different from the One Last Tour one, cleaner and more minimalistic. The stage is still work in progress and we’ve no chance to know if there will be moving part or not.

Another great addition to it would be a hanging structure on the crowd, as already seen on the megastructure stage at Ultra Miami or Hi Ibiza Resistance.

Doors are now open and, despite the stage is covered by a big white screen, there are light beams on all the top structure. A small stage, supposed for the live acts, is located on the front of the stage.

Tele2 Arena Swedish House Mafia stage
Panorama view from the side of Tele2 Arena stage for Swedish House Mafia

The stage is mainly made by a monumental led wall with massive lines of light beans on top, creating this sort of wall of light. The stunning Alexander Wessely made the rest.

If you think that the DJ booth seems suspended in the void, well it’s because it is. As you can see from a closer look, the entire platform is connected on the big led wall on one side only; no cables to keep it floating. The whole platform is filled with lights.

Another incredible thing are the three dots on the top. Connected with cables, they’re able to move up and down and rotating by 90°. In this way, during the performance, they’ve been moved in different positions creating always stunning effects.

Tele2 Arena Swedish House Mafia stage
Close up view of DJ booth at Tele2 Arena stage for Swedish House Mafia

One thing is sure, the stage looks spectacular. You can check the full yesterday show here.

Besides the long-awaited show at tele2 Arena, don’t forget to check Alexander Wessely exhibition, now open at Fotografiska.