Swedish House Mafia teaser video in details (photo gallery)

All the frames of the new Swedish House Mafia teaser video in a stunning photo gallery.

Yesterday, as well as a couple of days ago, the Swedish House Mafia posted a cryptic video. First, 5 seconds of black screen and “mysterious” vibe and then a tight series of clips.

The video has been uploaded only on Instagram at a very low resolution; nonetheless, we’ve extracted the most interesting shot (in our opinion) for an analysis.

The first thing that becomes clear is the use of black and white and high contrast colors. Some clips use also a negative effect.

The visuals use a lot of human bodies dancing on the beats. Some of these shots starring models already seen on Alexander Wessely‘s shots. The whole mood of the clips is similar to the one during their first interview after the reunion; a big white led background with the trio standing out in black.

Interesting is the second-last frame that seems to portrait Axwell.

Even if all the videos and photos released until now are super cryptic, we can expect a “black and white” visual show in Stockholm.

This is a speculation based on the very limited information available now so, we’re sure this is only a small percent of what will happen in Stockholm (and on tour) in a couple of weeks.

You can find the full video-frame gallery on top of the article.