Tale Of Us Afterlife Realm Of Consciousness IV

Afterlife presents ‘Realm Of Consciousness IV’ | Review

A journey throught the Afterlife universe exploring the sound that has shaped Tale Of Us' recent set and the artists behind it.

Now an annual appointment for Afterlife and Tale Of Us‘ fans, Realm Of Consciousness, the Afterlife compilation that this year has reached the edition number four, is finally available. An emotional journey inside the main Afterlife’s core, showcasing artists’ deepest feeling in an incredible collection of records.

‘Realm Of Consciousness IV’ sound’s encompasses everything Afterlife represents: introspective electronica, euphoric peak-time cuts, and more subtle rollers. Twenty inspired interpretations of the sound Tale Of Us have developed and brought to the greater audience.

The Italian duo has defined a new way of making techno and ‘Realm Of Consciousness IV’ is their manifest.

Recondite – Savaaq

First on the compilation is the German DJ, producer, and label owner Recondite. Savaaq’ comes from the deepest and darker environment of electronic music, featuring a minimalistic plucked melody and a clean baseline. Everything comes together thanks to the soft but perfectly fitting beat that completes the track. Perfect for kicking off the night or welcoming the new day, ‘Savaaq’ is also the right start for ‘Realm Of Consciousness IV’.

Adriatique – Hound

Continuing on the dark path but speeding up the beat, Afterlife’s artists Adriatique present Hound’. With its melancholic stringed top notes, ‘Hound’ touches directly your soul rapidly dragging you in a limbo of euphoric and gloomy feelings.

Adamant – Last Promises

Italian duo Adamant is new to the Afterlife; this doesn’t mean their music is less interesting. ‘Last Promises’ has been highly used by Tale Of Us on their set making it an incredible dancefloor tune thanks to its stripped main synth. Still in a dark environment, ‘Last Promises’ starts to build the path for the mystical vibes we’ll find around the middle part of ‘Realm Of Consciousness IV’.

Mind Against & Blausch – Trust My Eyes feat. Running Pine

The first vocal track of the compilation is by the Italian duo and Afterlife stalwart Mind Against, who has teamed up with Blausch, an upcoming Iranian producer. Running Pine on the vocal brought ‘Trust My Eyes’ to the next level, perfectly merging the hypnotic percussive rhythm with his voice.

Colyn – Amor

Another firm presence in Tale Of Us’ DJ sets, Colyn‘s ‘Amor’ is one of that records in perfect Afterlife style that mix the most underground bassline and mix with out-of-our-world melodic rhythm creating a dynamicity that is difficult to find on modern music. Soft and relaxing but with a tight beat, ‘Amor’ will easily become one of 2019 Afterlife’s fan-favourite record.

Woo York – Discovery

Long-time Afterlife’s artists are back on the label; Woo York present ‘Discovery’, an emotional and intimate journey between space and time. With an official remix for the label bosses, Woo York are a fixed presence in the Realm Of Consciousness compilations. This time, they deliver another high-dynamic record, where the well-defined kicks collide with an incredible melody bringing the listeners into a galactic journey.

Ae:ther – Arteon (Dealing With God)

Nomen omen. Once again, a hypnotic percussive rhythm is driven by a top-quality melodic-glitched synth and a plucked baseline. The merging of this different but yet compatible sounds really gives you the feeling of dealing with a god.

Anna – Spectral

Another artist that need no presentations. All the way from Brazil, Anna has injected fast acid crescendo with a non-stop hypnotic beat. Probably the hardest tune of ‘Realm Of Consciousness IV’, Anna ‘Spectral’ will give you that boost in the middle of the night that will guide you through the sunrise.

ARTBAT – Element

Presented on their DJ Set for Cercle, ‘Elements’, as the title describe, musically reproduce the feelings of the four elements. From ambients sounds to bubbling baseline and crystallize effects, ‘Elements’ jump into the widest the drop of the compilation. With a very deep beat keeping the tempo, the track winds between dynamically filtered synth and melodies that cover the high-end frequencies.

Mathame – Farewell

Nothing is left to chance in ‘Realm Of Consciousness IV’. Exactly in the middle of the compilation, as a bridge connecting two universes, perfectly balanced, there’s Mathame‘s newest delivery. Farewell is the natural evolution of their previous two hits, Nothing Around Us andSkywalking. Again, ‘Farewell’ is the connecting point between these two tunes, creating one of the greatest records of the whole compilation. Fusing a male and female vocal into a hypnotic beat, Mathame have cleverly re-used the iconic melodic synth of ‘Skywalking’ bringing their ‘Farewell’ to a new level, never reached before.

Agents Of Time – Superia

Another Italian act returns to Afterlife after an incredible EP last year. They moved from the Forest of Lies into a more intimate, yet complex universe of feelings. Quiet long lines gave the base to a melodic eternal sound, perfectly timed by the clean beat that drives the track from start to end.

Vaal – Weakness Pays

It’s now time to step inside a faster environment made by upbeat percussive rhythm and psychedelic melodies. Designed for large sound systems, Weakness Pays is the right track to guide the audience in the middle of the night to a new level of euphoria.

Innellea, Ameli – Lost in Fades

From psychedelics universes, Innellea and Ameli will guide you to the unknown. starting from the soft melody that caresses your soul to the bold and high-energetic drop. Pushing the already far-away limits of the Realm Of Consciousness, Lost in Fades is the bridge connecting the next track of the compilation.

Fideles – The Last Glow

I’ve to admit, The Last Glow is my favourite tune of the compilation hands down. The dynamicity of the record has no equal whatsoever, as Fideles were able to imprint all the main Afterlife’s pillars in one tune. Energetic and wide vibes with deep, dark beats perfectly collide with an otherworldly breakdown melody letting you travel between dimensions to, once again, being dragged into a deep and dark universe.

Kevin de Vries – Phoenix

We’re coming to the end of this incredible journey but, the surprises aren’t over yet. Kevin de Vries presents another Afterlife fans’ favourite and another steady presence in many Tale Of Us’ sets. Spirited synth lines will take you into a euphoric spiral of conflicting emotions ending up hugging even the darkest soul bringing it back to life.

Coeus – Eden

A track that will guide you into heaven on earth of electronic music. Coeus masterfully mixes spatial plucked melodies with a mystical and wide bassline creating a temporary gate between our world and the afterlife.

Lyke – Lem

Played on every Tale Of Us’ gig lately, Lem’ is nothing but minimalistic beats and melodies. ‘Nothing Around Us’ marked the debut of Lyke on Afterlife and on ‘Lem’, you can definitely enjoy the same simple, clean, soft and soothing vibes.

Murat Uncuoğlu – Abetone

Abetone is the first appearance for Murat on Afterlife, after his well-received Secret Weapons debut. He has brought his groovy and techy percussive rhythm on the label merging it with uplifting crescendos and a touch of Arabian sound. Perfect to say hello to the rising sun, Abetone’s melodies slide on a wide but well-defined bassline.

Lehar, Aldebaran – Da Levante

The final track of the compilation is almost there and ‘Da Levante describes all our melancholy. The track presents itself with deep long lines interspersed by a hypnotic beat and gloomy vibes. Everything seems to become dark and sombre but, at the same time, you can still feel the dim light of hope.

ENØS – Neptune

There’s always a beginning and an end but, our journey is not over yet. ENØS will guide you to the afterlife’s gate with its ‘Neptune; a mix of hope and sadness can be fooled by the notes of the song that inexorably complete your experience through the Realm Of Consciousness.

It’s time to stop talking and start listening. Afterlife presents Realm Of Consciousness Pt.IV is available on every music store, streaming platform as well as in the physical vinyl version.

Year after year Tale Of Us are shaping a new way of making techno and Realm Of Consciousness Pt. IV is the quality highest peak that the music industry has seen in recent times. A combination of elements coming from different music styles that perfectly collide into refreshing vibes, eternal melodies, and magical beats. A collection of tunes that has no equal and that has set the bar for the current year and beyond.