Mathame Press Pic
Mathame Press Pic

Mathame present ‘Angel Alphabet, The First Metamyth’ debut NFT

The Italian pair have linked up with a crew of 12 visual artists and challenged themselves to build their first NFT collection

Italian techno duo, Mathame, just entered the NFT game with Angel Alphabet, The First Metamyth a 12-piece collection.

The duo considers technology to be the mother of their universe. They’ve always wanted to blur the lines between music and art, and with the release of their own Angel Alphabet NFT, they’re about to do so in spectacular fashion. Mathame will donate a portion of the sales proceeds to Carbon180 in support of their efforts to offset and reduce carbon emissions.

Mathame is an Italian techno duo that combines together deep emotions with mystical soundscapes and heavy rhythms. They have a truly emotive and deep techno sound that is full of melody, releasing on labels like Tale Of Us’s Afterlife and Sony/B1. They’re still riding high on the success of their globally acclaimed 2020 BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, and they’ve just released a groundbreaking series of mixtapes compiled using a brand new A.I. algorithm created to test the power of Apple’s new M1 processor architecture. The first installment of “Old Neural Mixtape Vol.1” was released in March 2021, with more installments planned throughout the year. But now, with this game-changing new multi-media NFT public relations campaign, they are leading from the front.

The 12-piece collection and the Mathame’s vision about them

With Angel Alphabet, we are trying to solve a problem that we felt from the beginning: Where are the big stories, the Myths, and Legends of this new digital metaverse? So we called a crew of 12 visual artists that we love and we challenged ourselves to build the very first MYTH of the Metaverse. We named it “metamyth” and after research we wrote a simple concept to tell a fictional story where DigitalBot and Angels fought, and during the battle, Angels lost their Alphabet somewhere in the Metaverse. The challenge was to imagine the shape of the letters, where they were and how they got there, and present them to the public. The output of the research will come in 12 unique pieces of digital art. But this is just the beginning of a new media narrative. – Mathame about the NFT collection

Each piece is a 30-second audio-visual offering that immerses you in Mathame’s archeo-futuristic world right away. Each one has a story to tell, with dramatic and cinematic music adding to the abstract visual’s energy and tension. There are also explosions of particles in glass boxes, fields of flowers blowing in the warm wind, and featureless figures framing more abstract digital art. Some feature liquid metal shapes displayed like sculptures on a rock planet, others see colorful clouds drifting through a haunting space, and there are also explosions of particles in glass boxes, fields of flowers blowing in the warm wind, and featureless figures framing more abstract digital art. They’re relaxing, fascinating pieces that lull you into a state of bliss while admiring the beauty of the forms and textures.

Angel Alphabet, The First Metamyth Mathame NFT collection
Angel Alphabet, The First Metamyth Mathame NFT collection

Mathame’s OVR live performance in virtual reality

Fans will be able to attend Mathame’s OVR live performance on the day of the release, where they will present the entire collection and perform a set in a unique virtual world via the OVR official website. This avant-garde project will be explained on Mathame’s social media accounts, and fans will be invited to download the OVR app and attend a special virtual reality private viewing of the entire collection on May 30th at 7 p.m.

OVR is a decentralized platform that allows users to create geolocalized AR/VR experiences. As spatial domains, we used NFTs: we divided the world into 300 sqm hexagons, each represented by an NFT. People who own the NFT representing a geographic location will decide the AR/VR content for their own hexagon, just as they do on the web where they own a web domain and control the content there. Gaming (PokemonGo style), live events, virtual retail, virtual exhibitions, avatars, tourism, real estate showcases, art exhibitions, and many other applications are just a few examples.

What’s an NFT?

The “Non-Fungible-Token” aka NFT is transforming the digital art world. NFTs are one-of-a-kind tokens that represent a unique asset or content that can be bought and sold by collectors, using blockchain technology to track provenance and ownership. When a collector purchases an NFT of an artist’s work, they are purchasing a one-of-a-kind token that represents the digital artwork. The token then records ownership in a tamper-proof manner, as well as guaranteeing the artist a percentage of any future sales.

We have written an extensive article explaining the NFT technology and how it’s evolving the music industry here.

The full collection in depth

  • A L E X  M A L T S E V: All we see and hear is waves, there’s something sacred and eternal. To solve the meaning and cause of these waves is to understand the meaning of being and to open for all mankind a portal to another world. Looks like our project is getting closer to that.
  • G R E E N  R A I N: Deep in the jungles of the metaverse we discovered a colorful, ethereal sight; an ancient artefact levitated over the ground. It had become one with nature illuminated and nurtured the otherworldly flora around it.
  • H A C K T: Ever since I came across Chris Cunningham’s work for Gucci I have been struck by the beauty in its simplicity. I think this Letter is an attempt to convey those same feelings, the elegance in nature, his silent but constant strength, his peacefulness.
  • I Z Z Y/VNGNC: An angel alphabet fell into my divided world. an outbreak of a disease hinders the mobility of anyone in this world, with their surrogate drones – they watch the divine artifact closely behind a protective glass display.
  • J O N A T H A N P L E S E L: It’s the notion of ethereal relics that inspired me the most in this concept. So I came to dig into the elements that make up my artistic direction, and what better than holography to transcribe this idea. The particular work of light in the scene is captured by the material and decomposes it into all the colors of the visible spectrum, just like the canvas at the back recounting in an abstract way, the lost story of this divine fragment.
  • M A R K D E A R M A N: Discovered on a reconnaissance mission — the artifact has the ability to change its state of matter, it reacts to stimulus and shows signs of sentience. It has been secured for further observation.
  • R E U K O: These artifacts were thought to be objects of great power. I wanted to infuse an electric, rhythmic energy – a pulse, into this relic. The weaving streams light and wind surge out from the contours of the artifact, crashing into the walls of a crystalline prism. Even though this powerful artifact is contained and secluded, you can still feel its rhythm ripple across the cosmos.
  • T H E B L A C K L A B: This relic takes inspiration from the sea, an element from which it draws fluidity and periodic movement, like the waves of the sea, what may seem like an artifact embodies a marine soul, like the calm and graceful movement of a jellyfish. this letter enters and exits the fourth-dimensional space like waves that collide and merge with themselves on the beach.
  • T H I B A U L T Z E L L E R: There’s one category of angels that has always inspired me, and that’s the fallen angels! So I decided to represent the power of this category of angels through one of their artifacts placed under high security because it is too powerful. All in a dark cyberpunk atmosphere because it is a universe based on multiple conflicts and well represents the evolution of the world after the angels have lost their power.
  • V 3 R B O: While I was focused on my digital lectern for decades, like an amanuensis friar decrypting the sensations of becoming, I perceived this suspended letter that needed to come to the cyber world, so I sculpted it, so I animated it, and dropped into the net.
  • HACKUSHAKU RAE: This letter, together with the other eleven letters, which are ineffable, whose appearance is like scintillating flames, has no end but is infinite. Angel’s words are in them as they burst forth, and as they return; they obey the divine command, rushing along as a whirlwind, returning to prostrate themselves at their thrones.