The BPM Festival Brazil 2022

The BPM Festival to debut in Brazil at Cambori, Santa Catarina, 2022

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The BPM Festival has announced its first event in Brazil, marking a watershed moment in the brand’s fifteen-year history. The BPM Festival: Brazil will take place over three days at Surreal, a brand-new multi-purpose artistic complex in Cambori, Santa Catarina, and will coincide with the annual Carnival of Brazil celebrations, providing attendees with a festive experience. Those interested in attending the festival, which is scheduled for February 25-27, 2022.

The BPM Festival around the world.

The BPM Festival has been providing an unrivaled destination experience for music lovers, industry professionals, and artists all over the world since its inception in 2008. The BPM Festival’s reputation continues to grow with each subsequent event, with events in highly sought-after locations such as Bali, Costa Rica, Dubai, Mexico, Portugal, Tel Aviv, and more. The BPM Festival: Brazil is gearing up to extend the brand’s 15th-anniversary celebrations to yet another idyllic location, following closely behind the Costa Rican edition in January 2022. After a few years of uncertainty with COVID-19, The BPM Festival, known for curating some of the best house and techno lineups in the world, is ready to take on 2022.

Cambori and Santa Catarina.

Cambori is a picturesque coastal city that attracts a large number of visitors each year to its beautiful beaches. It is a popular tourist destination among South Americans, and it offers a variety of activities for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. It also houses a number of well-known nightclubs and has long been a hotspot for electronic dance music. The city also has a well-known cable car system that transports visitors from the main beach to nearby Laranjeiras. People return year after year to see its sprawling skyscrapers, bright blue waters, and feel-good energy, making it a truly unique Brazilian gem.

The venue: Surreal.

The brand new venue Surreal will be a one-of-a-kind destination under the creative guidance of South American dance music visionary Renato Ratier, owner of the iconic D-Edge in So Paolo. The monstrous artistic complex off the coast of Santa Catarina promises to elevate the city’s cultural and nightlife experience. With its renowned production and primary focus on contemporary music events, the 92,000 square meters can be completely modified to accommodate any number of events. Surreal is set to open its unique doors on December 26th, 2021, and already has a variety of acts lined up for its opening season. For The BPM Festival: Brazil, Surreal will transform into a haven for stirring techno and house across four different open-air stages. Surreal and The BPM Festival have teamed up to commemorate a momentous crossover in dance music history.

Desbrave o Surreal Park

Travel packages.

For those looking to attend the inaugural edition of The BPM Festival: Brazil, 3-day general admission and VIP ticket packages will be available for purchase on Tuesday, November 16, fans can sign up for pre-sale access here. International festival-goers will be able to fly into either Navegantes Airport (NVG), which is 45 minutes away, or Florianopolis Airport (FLN), which is 90 minutes away.

The BPM Festival is in its 15th year and has previously been held in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Portugal, and now Brazil. The BPM Festival: Costa Rica, which will take place January 12-18, 2022, has just announced the final artists and showcases. It will return to the charming Tamarindo coast with its stellar production, eclectic crowd, and an inimitable musical lineup featuring the best of house music and techno. Continuing the momentum of the anniversary, those looking to experience even more of the stellar BPM ambiance won’t have to wait much longer, as the inaugural Brazilian edition will kick off in Camboriú the following month. The BPM Festival: Brazil will mark another milestone for the world-renowned brand, with its state-of-the-art venue and breathtaking views.