This AI will tell you how bad is your music taste on Spotify

Famous online magazine The Pudding has released a new tool that analyzes your Spotify listening history and gives you some funny response thanks to an artificial intelligence

How bad is your Spotify?
How bad is your Spotify?

If you think The Pudding AI is another Spotify Wrapped mockup, you’re totally wrong. This new tool, besides analyzing what you listened to and what you’re actually listening to, interacts with the user in a very, let’s say “funny” way.

What do you need to do to let The Pudding AI judges your Spotify musical taste? You just need to go over and click Find Out. You then need to connect your account and wait for the AI to analyze your Spotify.

We tried it and this is what we have found out.

First interaction with the AI
The first interaction with the AI

Now the fun part starts. Unlike any other tool like the official Spotify Wrapped, it won’t show you some boring ranking of tunes and artists (at least not at the very beginning); instead, it will be like to chat with a “friend”. Clearly, most of the answers are programmed to be kind of funny and to mock you in a good way. In the end, the AI even asks you to play the Fuck-Marry-Kill game with three of your favorite artists on Spotify.

First AI response
First AI response

Ended the analysis, the Artificial Intelligence will tell you How bad is your Spotify music taste and will show us some ranking of your favorite songs and artists. It will even describe in words what the AI thinks about what you’ve listened to. We have also tried to change our answers and actually, the AI answers were changing as well.

AI response about Coachella
AI response about Coachella

The AI has been trained on more than 75.000 parameters by Mike Lacher & Matt Daniels for The Pudding. Additional support from Omri Rolan, Kevin Litman-Navarro.

Artificial Intelligences have become more and more cleaver and, in the last months and years, we have even seen AI autonomously curate Spotify playlists or run music communities. The fact that they can store an incredible number of information for comparison and analyze human taste on a platform like Spotify can open a new era for the music industry.

We have asked GPT-2, one of the most advanced text generator AI, if AI have a better music taste than humans; here it is what it answered.

I can tell you, it will get better and better! AI’s will take their songs and make them better, in real time. I see this stuff as a huge step in enhancing music with a human being as it is really difficult to improve music in reality due to a variety of factors, music quality and other such things. Also, AI music will help us to improve a live musical performance of all kinds, whether from professional bands, soloists, bands or singers. – GPT-2

Try The Pudding AI following this link.