This Guy Disappeared from EDC Las Vegas. Help Us Find Him.

Missing person at EDC Las Vegas
Missing person at EDC Las Vegas
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Twitter user @DivinitySSBM is desperately seeking information on the whereabouts of his best friend, who went missing during the second day of the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) music festival in Las Vegas on May 19th.

UPDATE: he’s currently safe. Continue reading for the full story.

UPDATE 2: More info surfaced on the journey made by Dylan in an attempt to receive help

Dylan stayed and watched Fred again, but later lost consciousness. During Dom Dolla’s set, footage showed Dylan having an altercation and exhibiting signs of drug influence. He was escorted by EDC staff to a med tent around 2:00 AM, where he couldn’t state his name or comply with medical instructions. He stayed there for two hours.

Dylan’s memory is blurry, but he recalls being restrained and waking up in a hospital, where he received a saline drop. He was discharged with a bus pass but had no phone, wallet, or assistance from the police. On May 20, Dylan went to the police for help but was advised to contact the UK embassy in San Diego, which was not possible. He wandered the Las Vegas Strip, asking officers for help but was repeatedly turned down. He spent hours walking around and living on the streets.

The following day, Dylan went to the Luxor Hotel and used a computer to contact friends on Discord. His friend located him and picked him up on May 21, ending his ordeal. Another witness mentioned similar symptoms, suspecting drug spiking. Dylan’s journey highlights his struggle for help and eventual reunion with his friend.

According to Divinity’s tweets, his 23-year-old friend, around 6 feet tall, was last seen wearing a black and white t-shirt at the 4tet stage around 1:15 AM on May 20th during Dom Dolla’s set. Video evidence appears to show the missing person being escorted away by EDC staff around 2:30-5:00 AM, potentially to a medical tent.

Since his friend’s disappearance, Divinity has made exhaustive efforts to locate him:

  • Filed a missing persons police case on May 19th at 6 PM
  • Checked the main medical tent and 5 possible local hospitals he may have been transported to
  • Searched the Rio hotels and EDC entrances/exits extensively
  • Contacted UK authorities given his friend’s nationality
  • Coordinated search efforts via social media

Despite all these efforts, the friend’s whereabouts remain unknown almost 72 hours later. Divinity and his friends are extremely worried and are pleading for any information that could help locate this missing individual.

If you attended EDC Las Vegas on May 19th or 20th and witnessed anything that may be relevant, please contact the authorities immediately.