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Tom Staar reveal what it seems to be the follow-up of Bora via Instagram video

After a busy Miami Music Week, including Axtone Party, Chuckie & Friends, Cartel Night and others events, Staar Traxx and Cartel’s Boss, Tom Staar, is back at his home in Ibiza.

If you have followed his stories on Instagram, you certainly know he didn’t even wait for a second to get back in the studio. A lot of music seems to be on its way!

Last news comes from his official Instagram profile. As you can hear from the video below, Tom Staar is working on what it seems to be the follow-up of Bora.

Gettin this little number finished up today! #drift #studio #ibiza

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We aren’t sure about that but, if you listen carefully, you can hear the WIP track and Bora are similar. The main thing that unites the two tracks is the way the drop starts.

We can wait to hear the full track and all the stuff  Tom is working on.

Keep an eye on Tom’s Instagram stories, you could find a lot of news!