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Tomorrowland 2020 is officially sold out: how you can still get tickets

An estimated number of 350.000/400.000 tickets have been sold over the two weekends.

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As announced from the latest ticket sales, the worldwide Tomorrowland 2020 ticket sale went sold out in a matter of minutes.

According to users posting now on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit and that have attended the virtual waiting line on Tomorrowland’s website, Full Madness Pass for both weekends appeared sold out after no more than 5 minutes. Viagogo is already selling tickets for double the price.

Over the years the Tomorrowland worldwide ticket sale has become, almost, an integral part of the festival. With the tickets that go sold out in less than 15 minutes (only because of the processing time of the servers), being able to even access the sales has become a challenge. This year, all the previous ticket sales have been completely sold out with a couple of travel packages still available.

An estimated number of 350.000/400.000 tickets have been sold over the two weekends. According to, Tomorrowland has sold 200.000 tickets in 27 minutes during Belgian sale.

Luckily, the worldwide ticket sale is not the only way to get your Tomorrowland 2020 ticket. Tomorrowland over the years has teamed up with travel agency all around the world.

Usually, these travel packages include accommodation in hotel or at Dreamville (Tomorrowland camping), flight, shuttle buses from and to the festival, and of course the Full Madness Pass with the iconic Tomorrowland box.

Prices vary from agency and place of departure. For instance, below you can find a price example*.

  • Full Madness Pass (valid for 3 days): € 322
  • Flight with hand luggage + Hotel (3 nights with breakfast): € 415
  • Shuttle Hotel – Festival A / R: € 90
  • Shipping + Personalization: € 30
  • Agency fees: € 33

To find out more about travel packages visit Tomorrowland travel partners’ website page.

If you just need the Full Madness Pass best solution is to check the secondary ticket system. Trusted site is Viagogo but, as you may imagine, prizes are usually higher than the official ones (from 700€ above).

Tomorrowland 2020 is set to return in Boom, Belgium July 17-18-19 (weekend ) and 24-25-26 (weekend 2). Stages’ hosts and full lineup have been already announced. This year’s theme is The Reflection of Love.

*Prices and services are indicative and are for information purposes only


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