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Toolroom Academy Alumni Combine for ‘Delirio’ on Toolroom Trax

‘Delirio’ was made by Loz Seka, KEFFI, HARRT, Altere & Alex Lauthals over one long weekend in London, inspired by the group’s collective visit to Toolroom’s summer party at Studio 338

Another piece of Tech House fire from Toolroom Trax is here, this time the result of a brand-new multi-artist collaboration. In reality, the Toolroom Academy, the label’s boutique educational section, celebrates a momentous occasion with TRX270. Five graduates from our acclaimed production program came together to create “Delirio,” which is an example of the club-ready underground music that Toolroom is known for.

These five new musicians are all making significant strides. KEFFI has had a flurry of releases with Toolroom. His Latin and percussive sound is resonating on dance floors all over the world, and label head Mark Knight and rising star Crusy both play it. When the recent “Leaders Of The New School” compilation on Toolroom was released, Altere, HARRT, and Loz Seka were mentioned as artists to watch. Germany-based Alex Lauthals has had major releases on pioneering label Kittball. The group’s trip to Toolroom’s summer party at Studio 338 served as the impetus for the creation of “Delirio” over one extended weekend in London.

‘Delirio’ boasts production sophistication with original Latin-inspired vocals and deftly employed vocal chop hooks, along with thick, chunky percussion and an appealing bumpy groove. The dance floor is sure to be lifted by “Delirio.”

Delirio‘ by Loz Seka, KEFFI, HARRT, Altere & Alex Lauthals will be available on Toolroom Trax