Trilane & Yaro - Miss Out (ft. Max Landry) (Nicky Romero Edit)

Nicky Romero gives his special touch to ‘Miss Out’ by Trilane & Yaro

A milestone of the EDM culture and owner of one of the best label in the industry, Niky Romero is back on Protocol.

‘Miss Out’ is the name of the track we are talking about, and Trilane and Yaro produced it.

Trilane is a duo from Stockholm that has already released tracks on excellent labels like Wall and Mirage Records. They have received support from names like Afrojack, Arty, Tom Swoon and much more.

Yaro is just beginning his DJ career, but the young prodigy is already one of the best percussionists in his native Sweden; his talent was recognized when he was just a little boy touring around Europe accompanied by the St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra.

Featuring emotive lyrics layered over an upbeat, melodic progression, “Miss Out” possesses all the components of a festival anthem. It is bound to create some fond memories for those witnessing it live this season. Nicky Romero liked it so much that he decided to make his version of the track; this edit by the label boss is evidence that Trilane and Yaro are both among the imprint’s most promising talent.

We want honestly congratulate to Protocol Recordings because they are pushing amazing young talent in the industry. We are super happy that the label is investing in young artists while maintaining high musical quality.

You can stream the track below or buy it here