Viberate, the all-in-one analytics tool for the music industry

One of the most complete online tools when it comes to analytics in the music industry.

Viberate product
Viberate product

Viberate is the first and most complete analytics tool that let you track every aspect of yours and other artists career. With over a million artists, festivals, venues, and events pages to discover, Viberate groups everything you need to know about the music industry in real-time, in one place.

What’s Viberate?

It’s one of the most complete online tools when it comes to analytics in the music industry. It tracks everything that happens, from artists’ new singles, concerts, events, new clubs’ opening, and even more. The Viberate tool is divided into four macro-areas: artists, venues, events, festivals. Each of the four areas delivers unique data to study.

Artists on Viberate

The artists’ page includes the statistics of more than 450.000 artists in one place. On the first tab, the hottest artists right now are showed. You can choose different tabs and filter artists according to specific parameters too. The page offers also the chance to see the artists performing near you.

During the registration process, Viberate will ask you to add some of your favorite artists to your profile. Thanks to your preferences, the platform will display new artists that you may like. This function is very useful for labels and A/R teams, making the discovery of new talents an easier task.

If you’re not happy with the artists displayed, you can use the search bar to retrieve the information you need. We’ll take a look at the statics showed for Martin Garrix, as an example of how the website works.

The page displays the top songs and videos as well as the hot record right now. An interesting tab is the event ones that show all the upcoming event where the artist will perform. A note on this tab is that, especially during this period, is not really accurate. For instance, according to Viberate, Martin Garrix will perform this month at Lollapalooza Argentina when the event has been already postponed for the next year.

Viberate artists’ analytics

Viberate analytics on Martin Garrix
Viberate analytics on Martin Garrix

Now, let’s move on, probably, the most interesting part of the website. Viberate analytics will basically show all you need to know about an artist. Viberate has created a tracking system that calculates the “health” of an artist’s career. On top, you can find:

  • Social Media Performance, which is an aggregated metric of the Artist’s social media fanbase size and engagement.
  • Music Channel Performance, which is an aggregated metric of the activity the Artist gets on their music channels.
  • Network Respect, which is the strength of the artist’s network, determined by the number and popularity of other Artists following them.

Another interesting metric is the Career Performance, a 12-month timeline showing Artist’s online popularity, based on Viberate Points with indicated highlights. Viberate Popularity combines data from social media and music channels in one metric. On this specific chart, we have found a problem with Instagram posts’ that, for some reason, don’t show up.

Viberate analytics data also include:

  • Total Fanbase Distribution: The size of Artist’s fanbase and its distribution across social media and music channels.
  • Fanbase Growth: Changes in the size of Artist’s fanbase across social media and music channels.
  • Fanbase vs. Engagement: A comparison of Artist’s overall fanbase and its engagement on social media and music channels.
  • Engagement: Artist’s fanbase engagement across social media and music channels.
  • Monthly Audience Map: Artist’s listener and video viewer distribution across countries.
  • Live Performances Overview: A breakdown of Artist’s detected live performances.
  • Top Live Performances: Top Venues and Festivals where the Artist performed in the last 2 Years.
  • Artist Connections: The number of Artists who follow the analyzed Artist on social media and music channels.

Beatport analytics

Viberate also offers an in-depth view of Beatport statists. From the current position on charts of every artist’s record to the performance of each track individually and globally on the store.

Beatport analytics offered by Viberate include:

  • Career Health on Beatport: Artist’s overall Beatport Health including Beatport Performance and Beatport Artist Chart Rank.
  • Current Position on Beatport Charts: Artist’s Tracks that are currently charting on the Beatport Top 100 Charts.
  • Overview of Tracks on Beatport: Overview of Artist’s Tracks and number of days on the Beatport Top 100 Charts.
  • Beatport Performance: A timeline showing Artist’s Beatport popularity, based on Viberate Points, with indicated highlights.
  • Track Overview: Overview of Artist’s Tracks and their positions on the Beatport Top 100 Charts.
  • Track Performance on Beatport by Viberate Points: All Artist’s tracks sorted by Viberate Points in the selected timeframe.
  • and many others we suggest to check them out…

Streaming and Airplay

The website is continually evolving and the guys at Viberate assured us that the two new analytics tabs, streaming, and airplay, are coming very soon.


As the name suggests, the venues tab aggregate hundreds of music venues around the world. As you may expect, each venue tab is filled with useful information as the position of the venue, photos of the past events, upcoming events scheduled for the venue, the size as well as the music genre most played at the venue.

As on the artist tab, you can follow each individual venue and receive updates about it.


All the information about an event on one simple page. From the lineup to the venue and even an interactive map showing the accommodation to stay near the event’s location, the tab has everything you need when it comes to planning.


Basically the same experience you have with the events tab but, this time is specific for festivals. The tab shows the number of stages, artists on the lineup, superstar artists, and the size of the festival.

Viberate product USA
Viberate product USA


It doesn’t matter if you are an artist, you work in the music industry field or you are just a music enthusiast, Viberate will fill you with all the data you need. For artists, you’ll be able to see where your fans are from, track your releases and social media stats, and check your ranking in a genre, country, or overall. If you work as A/R or Pros, spot new talent, track your Artists’ progress and understand global and local trends will be the easiest tasks in the world.

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