WhoMadeWho Rampa
WhoMadeWho Rampa

WhoMadeWho release details & title track for new studio album ‘UUUU’

Since the release of Mermaids in May 2021, Danish electronic trio and internationally acclaimed live act WhoMadeWho has been hinting at a new studio album. Following the global success of their subsequent two singles – Summer and Silence & Secrets – and a slew of remixes from the likes of DJ Tennis, Black Coffee, Adriatique and Frank Wiedemann, the in-demand Scandinavian outfit now confirm details of their upcoming long-player, UUUU.

WhoMadeWho’s studio album UUUU

UUUU, WhoMadeWho’s seventh full-length studio album, is set for worldwide release on Friday, May 27, via the long-running German record label Embassy One.

A beautifully crafted record featuring thirteen original productions, UUUU will be available to stream and purchase worldwide from all major DSPs on May 27, and will also be available to purchase on vinyl as a limited run, four-disc package. The album is available for pre-order and pre-save.

To commemorate the announcement, WhoMadeWho has released the stunning title track, UUUU, as the fourth single from the upcoming album.

Cultivating a theme of self-expression and deep introspection across the release, the ethereal six-minute cut sees band members Tomas, Tomas, and Jeppe team up with Berlin-based producer and Keinemusik co-founder Rampa to deliver a spellbinding sonic journey that ebbs and flows across its duration. Toying with texture, timbre, and rhythm, the collaborative work honors the raw emotional quality for which WhoMadeWho has become famous over the years, while also delving into Rampa’s widely acclaimed sound experiment.

UUUU was one of those songs that kept haunting us for over a year. We started a beat together with Rampa on a very warm day in Frank Wiedemann’s studio in Berlin. The initial beat only took an hour to make – we also created ‘Abu Simbel’ that same day. After that, we kept making changes and never got it right, we actually skipped it, but last minute we completely reworked all synths and we wrote completely new vocals together with Kat Frankie who also added some very nice female flavor to the song. This kind of process is what makes producing music both beautiful and stressfull at the same time – you never know when you hit something significant. It might take 20 minutes or it might take a year. – WhoMadeWho


WhoMadeWho have established themselves as one of the most important underground bands of their generation in the years since their formation. The Danish group, consisting of Tomas Høffding, Tomas Barfod and Jeppe Kjellberg, has an exceptional sense of emotional depth, heartbreaking melodies and brilliant songwriting, boasting an expansive discography currently spanning a total of six albums and a plethora of EPs, singles and remixes released on labels such as Kompakt, Innervisions and Life & Death. They are internationally renowned for their professionalism and outstanding live performances on the road, and have become regular fixtures at some of the world’s most prestigious musical festivals, including Roskilde, Sonar, Melt!, and Burning Man, to name a few.

WhoMadeWho & Rampa – UUUU (single) is available now through Embassy One.

WhoMadeWho – UUUU (Album) will be released on Friday, May 27 via Embassy One.

Album Tracklist (Digital)

  1. WhoMadeWho – The Fall
  2. WhoMadeWho & Rampa – UUUU
  3. WhoMadeWho – Silence & Secrets
  4. WhoMadeWho – Moon After Moon
  5. WhoMadeWho – Elsewhere ft. Kat Frankie
  6. WhoMadeWho – Ojo De Agua
  7. WhoMadeWho – LIFE
  8. WhoMadeWho & Rampa – Everyday
  9. WhoMadeWho – Never Alone
  10. WhoMadeWho – Summer (Album Edit)
  11. WhoMadeWho – Hera
  12. WhoMadeWho – Mermaids
  13. WhoMadeWho – 11-11 ft. AVA4K

Album Tracklist (Vinyl)

  • A1-WhoMadeWho – The Fall
  • A2-WhoMadeWho & Rampa – UUUU
  • A3-WhoMadeWho – Silence & Secrets
  • B1-WhoMadeWho – Moon After Moon
  • B2-WhoMadeWho – Elsewhere ft. Kat Frankie
  • B3-WhoMadeWho – Ojo De Agua
  • C1-WhoMadeWho – LIFE
  • C2-WhoMadeWho & Rampa – Everyday
  • C3-WhoMadeWho – Never Alone
  • D1-WhoMadeWho – Summer (Album Edit)
  • D2-WhoMadeWho – Hera
  • D3-WhoMadeWho – Mermaids
  • D4-WhoMadeWho – 11-11 ft. AVA4K