Why posting just a black pic with #blacklivesmatter is not a good idea

What to do instead to stand against racism and help pacific protestors to make their voices heard

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In response to the ongoing protests because of the brutal murders of George Floyd and others at the hands of police, the music industry has decided to pause their activities today. The initiative, which took the name of Blackout Tuesday, see high profile artists and major labels to pause for one day in solidarity with the black community.

The initiative has been communicated yesterday on the major social network with artists and music labels posting a black pic with the hashtag #blacklivesmatter. In a few hours, especially on Instagram, the hashtag page turned completely black because the number of the picture posted.

Black Lives Matter Movement Website

black lives matter instagram hashtag
#blacklivesmatter hashtag on Instagram

So, why this could be not a good thing? In an era where social media have the power to spread a strong message in a couple of seconds all around the world, make completely useless a virtual space that could be used to spread a strong message like Black Lives Matter could be a wasted opportunity.

We understand the initiative was thought in good fate to spread awareness about such a vital topic but what if we start to share important information, charity fund, initiative and more using that hashtag? Would it be more useful for everyone, wouldn’t it?

We think that using #blacklivesmatter to spread useful and vital information on how people can help in the right way would be a better use of the hashtag. Use the hashtag to share trusted and proved news, petitions, fundraisers, and more materials that could help the cause.

A similar thought has been expressed by DJ Zedd via Instagram and Twitter,

Silence is not an option. Act, now.

Black Lives Matter, Ways You Can Help

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