Will K host the new ‘Axtone present’ episode

Now it is a bit of time that the monthly podcast of Axtone, Axtone present, is available on iTunes and on various streaming portals.

The first episode, launched back in 2014 with Deniz koyu as a host, kicked off this amazing project by Axtone. The podcast, usually mixed each month by a different artist is divided into two parts. The first one in which the artist plays the most significant tune for his career, and the tracks that inspired him and the second part is where he present the new tracks of the moment, and maybe even some unreleased.


Just last week Axtone has released a new track, Cafe Leche by the young Australian talent Will K, and who better than he could be the new Guest for this Axtone present?

In fact today, available on iTuns and all streaming platforms, Axtone release his new episode ‘Axtone presents: Will K’