YouTube and other Google services are down right now

YouTube, Gmail, Stadia, and other Google's services seem to be down and not reachable worldwide

No, it’s not just you: YouTube, as well as most of Google services, seem to be down worldwide. The hashtag #youtubedown is trending right now with #googledown as well.

Other Google services seem to not working properly such as Google Analytics, Google ADS Dashboard, Gmail, Stadia, and more. The Search Engine is still operational as well as the Google Search Console.

On Google Cloud Status Dashboard every service seems to work just fine. Different story if we check the Workspace Status Dashboard that clearly shows every service being down. Nor YouTube or Google has released information yet.

With most of the Google services down a lot of businesses relying on Google services are hit as well. With Gmail down tons of email, communication can’t be processed. Students can still access to Google Classroom but Google Meet is currently down and video lessons or virtual meetings can’t be done on the platform.

Funny messages have appeared on Google Meeting links that aren’t accessible because of the outage.

Google services down included also everything connected via Google Home. With the servers offline even turning on a smart light has become impossible as Joe Brown describes.

This is one of the first major outages Google has faced in recent times.

According to the BBC: “Google has been contacted for comment, but one spokesperson said they were unable to access their email during the outage.

UPDATE: All services seem to be back working as usual

YouTube down page
YouTube down page

Surely a coincidence but, Mixcloud went down as well today for several hours.

We’ll keep this article updated with further news.

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