A ‘lost’ Marcus Schossow & Years Remix of Zedd’s ‘Illusion’ has been revealed

If you have followed Twitter in the last couple of hours you have noticed some flames coming from big names in the dance industry. We don’t want to create gossip or some sort of it so if you want to know more about that story, we are sure you’ll find it on the web.

Coming back to talk to the lost remix, everything started with a tweet of Max Vangeli:

As they say, not all ills come to harm; the tweet receives the full approval by worldwide superstar Zedd and, besides some hight notes and a “dissing” against Diplo, nothing really interesting happens until, Code Red Music Boss Marcus Schossow tweeted:

Marcus Schossow unveils a ‘lost’ remix together with Years of Zedd’s ‘Illusion’


The remix is, of course, private but, you can easily listen to it following the link on the tweet or clicking here. This new version is a pure progressive gem in perfect Years and Marcus style and we are really sad that it has never seen the light.

We hope things will be solved soon because, music is love and unity, not hate and fight.