Zumba E Staar Traxx

Antoine Clamaran vs Divolly & Markward, Jude & Frank – Zumba E 2017

We had left Staar Traxx in the ‘Badlands‘ with Simon Alex and AK9 a month ago, and now we find itself in a carnival atmosphere.

‘Zumba E 2016’ is its last release. Antoine Clamaran, Divolly & Markward, Jude & Frank are the architects of this magnificent production.

Antoine Clamaran is a French producer with a long tradition in house and groovy sound.

Divolly & Markward no longer needs any introduction. Creators of what many call ‘porngroove’, they have a lot of active releases in the most prestigious label of the genre as Sosumi and Code Red.

Jude & Frank are an Italian duo working in the groove house scene until 2014. They have an active release on Cube guys’ imprint label Cube Recordings.

Looking back at the track, ‘Zumba E 2016’ uses as a basis the 2003 hit ‘Zumba E’ but bringing a fresh sound to it. This 2017 rendition uses the vocal hook sample in dominating fashion, building the record in the breakdown. The mix between the horn stab and the rolling percussion create that amazing groovy vibes on the drop.
This track is perfect for the upcoming summer, and you can not do but dance.

Tune is currently 18th on the Beatport chart! Congrats to all the guys behind the tune, amazing job!

You can buy and stream from the link below