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An open-minded electronic music label where we demand quality and encourage creativity... Groove, tech, progressive and fresh new sounds!
Music is part of our soul. Future Rave Records wants to give a soul to the new musical generations. The passion for music allowed the Future Rave owners to represent this new adventure hoping that you will join us.
We are a channel of Promotion, Repost and Preview. We want hare you only the best music. All this thanks to our passion.
Home to your next favourite artist
A clock keeping the record of time in the history of music and sound; spreading love, peace and understanding through every time-living being
Since Jeremy’s first release on his label Vivrant in December of 2015, the imprint has seen nine out of its fourteen EPs make #1 on Beatport. Parallel to the label’s growth, the founder himself has seen his own profile ascend closer and closer to the very top of the game.
Afterlife: an odyssey through the realm of consciousness. These seven words perfectly exemplify what this new and promising project is about. Afterlife aims to take people on a journey, whether it comes to their events or releases. These two complement each other, with one aim; to bring the crowd into another dimension of perception with enthralling production that ignites the senses. An electronic music event concept characterized by mesmerizing soundscapes and lush rhythms designed for the senses. A rebellion from convention into a dimension where music guides the resurgence. From hypnotic bass lines to energetic crescendos, the nuance of an immersive experience is there for the exploring.
Ultra Europe is a multi-venue outdoor electronic music festival that is a part of Ultra Music Festival's worldwide expansion, which has now spread to twenty countries.

These are Labels/Parties/PR agencies and Festivals we have collaborated or we are collaborating with right now.