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An open-minded electronic music label where we demand quality and encourage creativity... Groove, tech, progressive and fresh new sounds!
Music is part of our soul. Future Rave Records wants to give a soul to the new musical generations. The passion for music allowed the Future Rave owners to represent this new adventure hoping that you will join us.
We are a channel of Promotion, Repost and Preview.
We want hare you only the best music.
All this thanks to our passion.
Home to your next favourite artist
A clock keeping the record of time in the history of music and sound; spreading love, peace and understanding through every time-living being
Since Jeremy’s first release on his label Vivrant in December of 2015, the imprint has seen nine out of its fourteen EPs make #1 on Beatport. Parallel to the label’s growth, the founder himself has seen his own profile ascend closer and closer to the very top of the game.

These are Labels/Party/PR agency and Festivals we have collaborated or we are collaborating with right now.