About Us

We talk about music, the best one.

Dive into the heart of electronic music with The Groove Cartel, your unrivaled source for all things electronic music at thegroovecartel.com. We are not just a web portal, music community, and artist platform.

The Groove Cartel stands out in the electronic music scene as the pioneering hub for the Groove Movement since 2014. With a global reach, divisions worldwide, and renowned record labels, it’s a dynamic platform dedicated to curating and sharing the best in electronic music.

Pioneering the Groove Movement: Establishment (November 2014)

Since our inception in November 2014, we’ve been at the forefront of connecting enthusiasts to the latest in the Groove Movement. Serving as the first-ever network dedicated to this burgeoning genre, we set out on a mission to curate and share the best news and music within the electronic music landscape.

Digital Expansion (Spring 2016)

Our journey expanded as we ventured onto major social networks, and by the spring of 2016, The Groove Cartel blog was born. It became a dynamic hub, offering an immersive experience and exclusive content for electronic music enthusiasts.

Embedded within our network is Groove Cartel Records, a powerhouse boasting over 50 releases and earning acclaim from top DJs in the movement. The birth of Banzai バンザイ Records in early 2017 was a testament to our commitment to musical excellence.

The Groove Cartel Global Reach

With a monthly reach touching nearly 50,000 unique individuals and peaking at 100,000 during landmark events like Ultra Music Festival Miami, Tomorrowland, and Amsterdam Dance Event, The Groove Cartel is the world’s first and only blog dedicated to this specific facet of electronic music.

In 2019, our dedication was acknowledged as we were recognized among the best music blogs. Explore our journey further in our dedicated milestones section for a deeper understanding of our evolution.

Global Divisions

The Groove Cartel isn’t confined to a digital space – we’ve established divisions worldwide. From North America, with strongholds in Chicago and New York City, to Europe and India, our global presence is undeniable. Currently, we’re expanding our footprint in Latin America, recognized by us as the new Mecca of electronic music.

Join us as we collaborate seamlessly with major labels, artists, PR agencies, and festivals across the globe, bringing you the finest and most cutting-edge content in the realm of electronic music.