About Us


The Groove Cartel is your quintessential new electronic music blog and record label company.


When we opened the page, in November 2014, our goal was to link all the news and music regarding the newborn Groove Movement. At that time there were many few artists and events connected to this kind of music. We were the first page, or network, with this purpose.

From that moment, we have opened accounts on the major social network and, two years later, in the spring of 2016, the blog opened its doors.

Together with it, Groove Cartel Records is one of the focal points of the network. With more than 50 releases and support from the major DJs of the movement, we have decided to start our first sub-label. In the early 2017 ‘Banzai バンザイ Records‘ was born.

With a coverage of almost 40,000 unique people per month and peaks of 70,000 during annual events such as Ultra Music Festival Miami, Tomorrowland and Amsterdam Dance Event, The Groove Cartel is the first (and probably unique) blog in the world with this specific music target.

The Groove Cartel has been chosen as one of the best music blogs in 2019 by Sound-Unsound and Movie Hustle.

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Today The Groove Cartel collabs with the major labels, artists, PR agencies and festivals in the world to bring you the best contents.