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This website ( is part of The Groove Cartel Network. Its purpose is to inform the lovers of the movement about the hottest news around the globe.

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Takedown request:

Please state the following information for our management to assess the validly of the claim:

► Identification of the owner of the disputed material, or a certified member working on behalf of the artist.
► Relevant contact details, mandatory requirements; name, email, address, phone number.
► Identify the particular material that is believed to be infringed. Accompanied by evidence of ownership and/or full legal rights to the material(s).

Email it to once our legal team has received the request, we will respond accordingly and have an outcome of our findings within 24 hours.

Website’s contents:

Take note that all the multimedia materials (excluded images) showed on this domain are embedded from external sources and are not hosted on this site ( In case some of these materials infringe on any copyright, you have to contact the external hosting site. We have no power over these multimedia materials.

Cover arts of songs, flyers regarding events and all the images including a collage of photos and/or logos and/or texts are provided by the event’s organizers, music labels or PR agencies associated with that specific content.

In some cases, also the images are embedded from external sources.

Unless otherwise specified, multimedia contents (images, videos, and audios) are not property of this website ( In most of the cases are linked or owned by the subject of the article itself.

The authors of every article are displayed on the top or bottom of the article itself. Take note that, in some cases, the author displayed may not be the original author of the article; this happens because of several reasons:

  • the original author may request the cancellation of his profile and, his exciting articles are linked to another author
  • the article has been created by a user that has let it blank in the waiting of another author to fill it and add all the contents necessary (more about this practice here)

We use an encryption system that doesn’t allow to right-click and directly download or copy content from the website. In this way, both contents and the code of the various web pages can’t be reached.

None of the contents of the site ( are supposed for commercial use; instead, the contents are supposed for information purposes.

Privacy Policy:

The Groove Cartel ( understands the fundamental importance of protecting personal information. The Groove Cartel ( employs various countermeasures to ensure no sensitive/personal information is illegally obtained. We at no point, share, distribute or unlawfully give information to third party companies. We do not collect information, unless where expressly specified on the website, i.e. forum. We use SSL protection to avoid theft of information during any donations or just for surfing the site.

ADS and donations:

We run ADS from several ADS Networks. The incomes are used to run the servers and all the services that kept our network operational. The same is applied by the donations via our Promotional pages; the money we receive via donations is used to finance and improve our current and future infrastructure.


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